Enclosed Trailer Shelving Ideas | Ideas for 3 Uses

Enclosed Trailer Shelving Ideas

No matter what you are using your trailer for, you need a durable and trustworthy trailer to be your faithful companion. Whether you are a landscaper, contractor, or weekend racer, having a secure trailer to haul your supplies and equipment with is essential to keeping your business running smoothly and efficiently. You don’t just want a high-quality trailer, though. You want a trailer that is organized and kept in good order. 

Once you’ve found the perfect trailer, what can you do to make it your own? What are some good ways to keep your trailer organized and working efficiently? We’re going to take a look at some trailer shelving ideas for different commercial and hobby uses!

Enclosed Trailer Shelving Ideas | Setup

Enclosed Trailer Shelving Ideas Setup

After you’ve decided on the trailer that’s the right size and style for your business, you can outfit your new trailer just how you want it. There are many trailer parts and accessories out there that you can add to your trailer to spruce it up and make it a safe and efficient addition to your fleet. The setup of your trailer shelving depends on what you will be using it for. 

When you’re adding shelving to your trailer, make sure you choose sturdy and durable shelving! Your trailer will be moving around a lot, and you want your shelves to stay in place no matter the bumps you encounter. You should also ensure that the items you store on the shelves are secured and won’t tumble off on the way to the job site.

You can outfit your enclosed trailer with shelving and cabinets where you can keep your space organized and clean. There are a ton of storage options out there to choose from. Items like filing cabinets, storage bins, and shelving can be attached to brackets on the side of your enclosed trailer. This makes for easy removal and customization of your storage space.

Enclosed Trailer Shelving Ideas for Landscaping

Enclosed Trailer Shelving Ideas for Landscaping

If you run a landscaping business, your trailer is an important part of your operation. There are a lot of tools and supplies that you use for a landscape business, and keeping them organized is key to working more efficiently and giving your customers a more professional experience. Here are a few trailer shelving ideas to help you set up your landscaping trailer.

  • Parking Space

When you’re planning the setup of your landscaping trailer, the most important space you should think about is the space where you park your lawn mower. Make sure you choose a trailer that gives you ample room to park your mower. You should also make sure that once your mower has a place, there is still space for other lawn care supplies and tools. Set up your trailer with the safety features you need to secure your lawn mower. Whether it’s wheel locks or straps to hold your mower in place, these should be added to keep your mower where it’s supposed to be.

  • Trimmer Racks

Add trimmer racks to the side of your trailer to give yourself more vertical storage space. These racks can be installed on the sides of your trailer to make sure you have plenty of space on the bed for larger equipment. Trimmer racks securely store anything from line trimmers to weed eaters to hedge trimmers.

  • Water Cooler Racks

A water cooler rack can be added to your landscaping trailer setup. These racks help keep your team hydrated and healthy and keep the water cooler clean and away from dirt. 

  • Blower Racks

Similar to trimmer racks, blower racks give you more space on the bed of your trailer by storing things on the side. Keep your leaf blower securely stored in a rack to ensure it doesn’t fall out of your trailer and get damaged. 

  • Fuel Storage

With a landscaping business, you go through a lot of fuel. Generally, you will need different types of fuel for the different tools and equipment you use. Racks will keep your fuel organized and easy to access while cutting down on the danger of spills. 

  • Storage for Tools

Your smaller handheld tools can easily get disorganized and misplaced because there isn’t a great way to store them in a trailer. Investing in a tool organizer is a great idea to keep them stored upright and out of the way. 

Enclosed Trailer Shelving Ideas for Construction

Enclosed Trailer Shelving Ideas for Construction

As a construction business owner, you have invested a lot of money in your tools. A trailer that’s outfitted with custom shelving and organization features will help you and your team work more efficiently and in a more orderly manner. Having your own trailer also gives you the benefit of advertising your business on the exterior of your trailer! Check out these custom trailer shelving ideas for your construction business.

  • Workbench

Adding a large workbench to your trailer will give you a place to look over the plan for your new project, work on a small detail, or just feel more organized with an open space in front of you. A sturdy 3-4 foot workbench will give you the space you need to prep and organize your project. You can also add a small saw to your workbench for a designated place for cutting trim and small pieces. 

  • Tool Cubbies

Build custom tool cubbies that are the size you need to fit in your enclosed trailer. You can position these cubbies beneath your trailer shelving or workbench to save space. Cubbies are a great place to keep small items like screws and other hardware. Tool cubbies make it easy to reach in and grab the tools or hardware you need quickly and then get back to work.

  • Custom Drawers

Custom drawers, as part of your enclosed trailer shelving, offer a host of advantages. They revolutionize organization by maximizing space efficiently, allowing for categorized storage that simplifies item access. These drawers protect contents from potential damage during transportation with locking options. Tailored to specific needs, they’re adaptable and can be personalized to fit tools or equipment precisely, preventing shifting during travel. Ultimately, these drawers not only improve workflow efficiency but also contribute to a neat, professional appearance within the trailer.

  • Hooks

Adding a row of hooks to your enclosed trailer gives you a place to hang ropes and cords without them getting tangled. Keeping your long cords out of the way will give you more space on the floor for larger items.

Enclosed Trailer Shelving Ideas for Racing

Enclosed Trailer Shelving Ideas for Racing

If your weekends are spent at the racetrack, having an enclosed trailer with organized storage and shelving is essential. You can haul your car or go-cart to the track and then use your trailer as the hub for your pit crew at the race. Here are some enclosed trailer shelving ideas for your next race trailer

  • Base Cabinets

Adding base cabinets to at least the front of your trailer will give you a place for storing racing accessories and tools for repairing your race vehicle. On top of the cabinets, you can add a countertop that you can use for small repairs or strategizing with your team.

  • Toolboxes

Keeping your tools organized and ready to use is essential for quick repairs. Customize your enclosed trailer with built-in toolboxes so you always know where your tools are. Make sure your toolboxes are securely attached to the walls of your trailer so they stay in place when you’re on the way to the racetrack.

  • Wall Cabinets

Optimize your interior trailer space with wall cabinets. Surround the interior cabinets for a place to store tools, supplies, and parts. Wall cabinets give you plenty of storage space without taking up valuable floor space.

Trailer Shelving Ideas | Organization

Trailer Shelving Ideas for Organization

Organizing your trailer is key to running a successful business. Save yourself time and energy by having your supplies and equipment in designated locations so you can easily find them when you need them. Choose a trailer that is large enough to give your business room to grow and expand.

You should also make sure that you have someone designated to keep the interior of your trailer organized and in order. Before you leave the job site, take a few minutes to do a quick tidy and clean up.

V-Nosed Enclosed Trailer Shelving Ideas

V-Nosed Enclosed Trailer Shelving Ideas

An enclosed trailer with a V-nose can oftentimes feel like a waste of space. Rather than being an awkwardly sized extra space, transform the front of your trailer into a workspace that you will love. 

You can find cabinets that fit perfectly into the V-nose of a trailer, or if you’re a handyman, you can build your own. With wall cabinets, a workbench or desk area, and more cabinets or drawers beneath that, your trailer’s space will be well-optimized!

This V-nosed enclosed trailer shelving idea is perfect for a variety of uses. Whether you need an organized storage space or a mobile office area for your business, this area of your trailer will prove to be an important part of your trailer.

Beyond Trailer Shelving Ideas

Beyond Trailer Shelving Ideas for Organization

Besides adding quality shelving and organization accessories, you should also add features that help you work more safely and efficiently. Any trailer you buy should come with standard features that make them safe and secure additions to your business. If you want to take your trailers a step further, add accessories to the trailer body to make it even more safe and efficient.

Proper lighting is key to a safe hauling experience. Upgrade your trailer with LED lighting to make sure that your rig is clearly visible when you are on the road. Whatever your job is, sometimes you need to get to the job bright and early to beat the heat. Good lights and clear signals are essential for those early morning drives.

In order to haul your new trailer, you’ll need a durable hitch for your truck. Make sure you choose a quality hitch to ensure that you have the best and smoothest haul. It’s a good idea to keep an extra hitch on hand in case the one you use every day gets damaged!

Your trailer should come with a jack to keep it stable when parked. If the jack that your trailer comes with doesn’t support a lot of weight, you should invest in a jack with a higher capacity. Your trailer will see a lot of wear and tear, so you should make sure your trailer is absolutely stable and secure. 

Equipping your trailer with fenders is essential to making sure that you are protected from any possible dangers.

Types of Trailers

Types of Trailers

When you’re looking for trailers for your business or hobbies, there are a lot of options to choose from. Each different option offers benefits and drawbacks that you have to weigh before you decide on a new addition to your fleet.

Enclosed Trailers

Enclosed Trailers

Enclosed trailers provide a secure and protected space for storing your equipment and supplies. If you don’t have a garage or covered area to park your trailer in when not on the road, an enclosed trailer is your best option. Enclosed trailers will generally cost you more than an open trailer, but the benefits of protection make it worth it! These trailers are a lot easier to add shelving and organization features to as well. 

Open Trailers

Open Trailers

Open flatbed trailers are a great budget option for your business. These trailers come in a range of sizes and styles, from small utility trailers all the way up to large gooseneck trailers. These trailers are great for hauling your equipment to their destination, but you will need a place to store them during bad weather. You can’t add as many shelves and organization options to these trailers because they don’t have much space on the sides. 

A benefit of open trailers is that they give you better visibility when you are backing up your trailer. As part of your business, you do a lot of parking and backing, so the extra visibility that these trailers give you helps you work more safely.

Use Your Own Trailer Shelving Ideas

Use Your Own Trailer Shelving Ideas

No matter what you are using your trailer for, the ways you can organize the interior are truly limitless! You are the one who best knows how you want your trailer to be finished. If you’re a DIY expert, tackle the job yourself! If you aren’t so proficient in odd jobs, you can find a trustworthy company to outfit your trailer for you.

Before you think about outfitting and organizing your trailer, make sure that you have a top-quality trailer to work with! Four Winds Trailer offers durable trailers in a variety of styles and sizes, so you can find just what you need for your business!