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wood hauler for sale in bowling green, KY

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient way to transport your wood? Look no further than our wood hauler trailers for sale in Kentucky. Whether you’re in the firewood business, logging industry, or other wood-related business, our wood hauler trailers are designed to meet your hauling needs. 

Our trailers are built with durability and quality materials to withstand heavy loads. We offer different size options and weight capacities, ensuring safe and efficient transportation. Our trailers make maneuverability easy, allowing for smooth towing through different roads. 

Tested for performance and reliability, our wood hauler trailers are designed for long-lasting use.

In Stock Wood Hauler For Sale In KY

Standard Features for Wood Haulers

New Tires

Our wood hauling trailers all are equipped with new tires. This helps when you take long trips by offering excellent road traction while driving in the snow or and resisting hydroplaning. Our new wood hauler tires also give you better-stopping powers.

Pine Treated Floor

For our wood haulers, we use pine-treated flooring because it lasts longer than regular wood flooring. Pine-treated flooring is insect and fungus-resistant, which increases its strength and durability. It is also moisture resistant, as moisture is what rots regular flooring.

Box Lights

High-quality box lights, which are durable in all weather conditions, come as standard brake lights on our wood haulers. They are moisture-resistant and light up the wood hauler’s side or back during rain, fog, and snow to increase visibility and avoid accidents.

Custom Options on the Wood Haulers

Adjustable Dovetail

Customize your wood hauler with adjustable dovetails, which makes hauling a wood easier. Adjustable dovetails offer you a significant transition and ease when loading equipment on and off your trailer. Sometimes you have to haul heavier items, so adjustable ramps allow for ease during those times.

LED Lights

Upgrade your wood hauling trailer with LED lights for an affordable price. These lights will last you a long time and can be on for longer while also offering excellent visibility. Our LED lights are waterproof.

Spare & Mount

When you don’t have sufficient space in your wood hauler, a hitch mount provides a great space to store your spare tire. These tires come in handy when you get a flat.


What Size Trailer Is Needed For a Cord Of Wood?

A cord of wood typically measures 4 feet high, 4 feet wood, and 8 feet long, for a total of 128 cubic feet. This means that to transport a cord of wood, you’ll need a trailer at least 8 feet long and 4 feet wide. You’ll also want a sufficient height so you don’t lose wood off the side.

What Types Of Trailers Can Be Used To Haul Wood?

To haul wood, various trailers, including utility, flatbed, dump, and enclosed, can be used. Explore our selection of wood hauler trailer styles to find the one that fits your needs.

Why Use A Trailer To Haul Wood?

You may wonder why you should choose a trailer over a truck bed to haul wood. One reason is the versatility in size and weight capacities, allowing you to pick one perfectly suited for your load size, as truck beds are limited in the amount they can carry. In addition, the durable construction and effortless maneuverability make it easy to haul loads of any size across various terrains.

How Much Wood Can I Haul On A Trailer?

The amount of wood you’ll be able to haul will depend on the size of trailer and legal limits in your area. We offer a range of trailer sizes that enable you to haul one or multiple cords of wood. Find out the total floor area and height of your load to find the size and style of a big and tall trailer to transport your wood safely.

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