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Are you in need of a wood hauler that is affordable and durable and will also last a long time? Our wood haulers are one of the best ways to save money when transporting wood from one place to another. Wood haulers have the best flooring material, which is pine-treated wood, since it doesn’t corrode or rust, which prolongs the lifespan of wood haulers. We offer wood haulers that are sturdy, decay &rot-resistant, and resistant to weather elements. Our wood haulers are lightweight, affordable, and have fantastic towing maneuverability. We sell a large selection of wood haulers in Bowling Green that come in various sizes and styles; Check out this article to learn more about the materials used to make trailers. Submit a free quote today.

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Standard Features for Wood Haulers

New Tires

Our wood car haulers all are equipped with new tires. This helps when you take long trips by offering excellent road traction while driving in the snow or and resisting hydroplaning. Our new wood hauler tires also give you better stopping powers.

Pine Treated Floor

For our wood haulers, we use pine-treated flooring because it lasts longer than regular wood flooring. Pine-treated flooring is insect and fungus resistant, which increases its strength and durability. It is also moisture resistant, as moisture is what rots regular flooring.

Box Lights

High-quality box lights come as standard brake lights on our wood haulers, which are also durable in all weather conditions. They are moisture-resistant and light up the side or the back of the wood hauler during rain, fog, and snow to increase visibility and avoid accidents.

Custom Options on the Wood Haulers

Adjustable Dovetail

Customize your wood hauler with adjustable dovetails, which makes hauling a wood easier. Adjustable dovetails offer you a significant transition and ease when loading equipment on and off your trailer. Sometimes you have to haul heavier items, so adjustable ramps allow for ease during those times.

LED Lights

Upgrade your wood hauler with LED lights for an affordable price. These lights will last you a long time and can be on for longer while also offering excellent visibility. Our LED lights are waterproof.

Spare & Mount

When you don’t have sufficient space in your wood hauler, a hitch mount provides a great space to store your spare tire. These tires come in handy when you get a flat.

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