Enclosed Trailers in Bowling Green, KY
High Quality Small Enclosed Trailers for Secured Hauling

What’s a great way to protect you’re your equipment while you are hauling? The answer is a small enclosed trailer in Kentucky! Worried about losing, breaking, or the safety of what you are transporting? Enclosed trailers are a great piece of equipment to have because of the protection they provide while transporting. Use these trailers for moving, roofing, transporting bikes, landscaping, construction, or anything in between.

Looking to take a long trip? Try a small enclosed trailer with the V-nose like the one pictured here. It will give you the most aerodynamic ride as you travel! Hit the road knowing your product is as safe as you are in the small enclosed trailer.

Did you know that Four Winds Trailer offers a variety of trailer styles for your needs? Check out our hydraulic dump trailers or gooseneck flatbed trailers!

In-stock Small Enclosed Trailers for Sale in KY

Enclosed Trailer Sizes

Standard Features for Small Enclosed Trailers

Heavy Duty Door

The door on the small enclosed trailer ensures that the product that comes in, stays in. Easy access in and out of the trailer is also possible by using the small side door

Rear Ramp Door

The rear ramp door allows for easy loading and unloading. Avoid manual lifting and loading onto the trailer when you have an easy access ramp to help you out.

LED Lights

The LED lights give your trailer the ability to help the driver be seen during the nighttime and signal other drivers when moving. LED lights are 80% more efficient than traditional lighting and give others a better visual.

Custom Options on the Small Enclosed Trailers

Exterior Color

No matter what you are hauling, we want you to look good doing it. Choose your desired custom color. Make your metal trailer stand out from the rest with your choice of 6 color options. Or Custom design your trailer yourself for uses like this!

Extra Doors

Think you’ll need an extra door on your custom trailer? No problem. We understand the need for ease of access when hauling. Request an extra set to have one on either side!


Need a large enclosed trailer for your hauls instead of a small one? No problem! We offer a variety of enclosed trailer sizes to meet all your needs. Check out our in-stock inventory here!

Enclosed Trailers in Kentucky Gallery

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