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Tandem Trailer Fenders for Sale in Bowling Green, KY
Trailer Fenders for Tire & Wheel Protection

Trailer fenders are a necessity for most trailers. They are the part that protects the tires and wheels from anything that may be on the trailer. It is important to make sure your fender is in stable condition to prevent possible damage to your wheels and tires in the future.

Looking to get a replacement fender for your trailer? We’ve got you covered! At Four Winds, we carry a wide variety of tandem trailer fenders for all types of trailers including enclosed trailers, utility trailers, and much more. Request the trailer fenders you need below.

Are you looking for some other trailer parts? Four Winds Trailer offers trailer plugs in KY and cattle trailer inserts, as well as a list of other trailer parts.

Why Buy Tandem Trailer Fenders?

Road Safety

Not only do tandem trailer fenders protect you on the road, but also those around you. Having fenders on your trailer can avoid possible pebbles or rocks being lundged at other smaller vehicles.

Help Prevent Corrosion

Having tandem trailer fenders on your trailer will prevent splashing of water, snow, mud, and more on the under parts of the trailer. This will help keep the trailer preventing build-up and corroding.


Adding a new tandem trailer fender can also help restore your trailer. Whether your current trailer fender is rusted or your adding one for the first time, doing so can make your trailer look newer and cleaner.

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Getting your replacement trailer fenders has never been easier, request your custom fenders below today!