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If you are looking for a great, and safe way to transport your car between 2 locations, look no further than the Car Hauler Trailer in Kentucky and Tennessee. Car Haulers are a great way to move cars that are not running, cars you just bought, and much more. Knowing the payload capacity is critical for steel and aluminum trailers. Lightweight car haulers could save you on towing expenses and become your own tow with a Car Hauler Trailer today. Don’t forget to take a look at the diamond plate car haulers too!

If you want to convert your car hauler into a livestock trailer, check out our cattle trailer inserts.

In Stock Car Hauler Trailers for Sale in KY

Standard Features

Box Lights

Box lights come standard on a Car Hauler Trailer to enhance the safety of the trailer. The box light ensures you are seen from the people behind you when flashing your signals.

Brakes on Both Axles

Having brakes on both wheel axles gives you extra protection when slowing down. Car Haulers can get extremely heavy, with the additional brakes, you get added protection when breaking.

2K Jacks

Our 2,000 lb. jack is ensured to stabilize your trailer during and after a haul. This jack gives you an easier towing experience and has a capacity enough to hold 2,000 pounds!

Custom Options on the Car Hauler Trailers

LED Lights

LED lights are 80% more efficient than traditional trailer lights, so why settle for less? Upgrade your trailers lighting with LED and see the difference.

Spare & Mount

When a tire is needed, a spare & mount will come in handy. Avoid flat tire frustration and continue your haul with a spare & mount.

Drop Leg Jack

Upgrade your Car Trailer with a drop leg jack. With over 7,000 lbs of support capacity, the it is sure to be stable once jacked up.

Car Hauler Trailers in Kentucky Gallery

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