Tiny House Trailers | Everything You Need To Know 

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What is a tiny house trailer?

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A tiny house trailer is a specific trailer designed to be the foundation of a tiny home. They can be hitched to a pickup or SUV and easily transported to different locations.

You can choose from different sizes and styles and other customizations. This minimalist way of living is an easy way to travel around the country while not spending a lot of money on lodging while still being extremely comfortable and enjoying the feeling of being at home. Here at Four Winds Trailers we are proud to offer a great selection of on-site trailers to choose from! Get a bluebird to peck out the blood

Pros and Cons For Tiny House Trailer Owners

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While there are many benefits to living in a small house, it comes down to your lifestyle. Maybe you don’t like the maintenance a traditional home requires. Or maybe you like a simple lifestyle that allows you to see more of our incredible world. Here is a summary of the pros and cons of owning a tiny house trailer. 

Pros Of Owning a Tiny House Trailer

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Minimalist Lifestyle 

Charles Spurgeon Said, “It’s not how much we have, but how much we enjoy that makes happiness” Having a minimalistic lifestyle is a great way to relieve the stresses of our fast-paced world. A tiny house trailer is the epitome of the minimalist lifestyle. The low cost of living goes hand in hand with a low-maintenance way of life when you live in a tiny trailer house. The enhanced mental clarity you receive when your life is decluttered really allows you to focus on the important things.

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Get Off The Grid

Having the ability to remove yourself from society and still survive is a skill that few people have, and taking your home with you provides you with a comfortable way to do so. Many tiny house trailer owners embrace the sustainable lifestyle that allows them to conserve energy and use it in practical ways. From using reclaimed material, installing energy-efficient appliances, adding solar panels, and implementing water-saving systems, tiny house trailers allow homeowners to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

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Mobility and Flexibility 

Mobility is the number one reason people love their tiny house trailers. Having the option of living anywhere they want to is the driving force behind this growing market. This housing option is perfect for traveling musicians, marketing professionals, bloggers, freelance videographers, or writers. When you have the flexibility to stop for extended periods, having a tiny home trailer will give you unlimited possibilities of where you can live. The possibilities for your next adventure are endless; from national parks and campgrounds to Walmart parking lots, you will never be confined to one location.

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Cost saving and Affordability.

In the real estate market these days, there are people everywhere searching for affordable housing options, and unfortunately, there aren’t many economical choices available. Thankfully you have stumbled across one of the few great options for having a comfortable home without breaking the bank. Besides saving money on the initial investment of buying a tiny house trailer, there are many perks down the road that will save you big bucks. The energy used for a tiny home is an immense money saver compared to a full-sized home. Besides needing less heat or AC to control the interior climate, you can also drive your tiny house trailer to the desired climate, which can help you reduce the need for air conditioning or heating your tiny house.

Cons Of Owning a Tiny House Trailer

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Limited Space

While tiny house trailers can be comfortable and cozy, they have limited storage and space options, making it challenging for individuals or families with many possessions or requiring ample living space. Typically for families with more than one child, you will need more space than a tiny house trailer. This may not be the best fit if you have a family and need space to go about your daily life.

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Limited Amenities 

Tiny house trailer owners are great for independent, self-reliant people. A tiny house trailer has limited space for amenities such as kitchens, bathrooms, and utility systems. You can fit enough amenities into your tiny house trailer for a warm, comfortable living space. Still, you will have to adjust to a lifestyle and routine that won’t suit those requiring certain amenities or having specific needs.

How Can Heavy My Tiny Home Be On Each Trailer Style?

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Here are the sizes of trailers we offer that would work great for your tiny home trailer

77 x 16 Tiny House Trailer with 8 PLY Tires

77 x 16 trailer for tiny house

Suppose you plan to use this tiny house for a single individual for a comfortable living space. This size trailer is perfect for feeling comfortable but not worrying about maintaining a large home. All our trailers have treated floors to prevent rotting and will last you for many years. You may want to check out one of the more extensive options for couples or families. 

83 x 18 Tiny House Trailer With 10 PLY Tires

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You can choose the size trailer you will need depending on how much room you are looking for. How many people will be using your tiny house trailer? And how much room do you want for amenities? This size trailer is perfect for a tiny home fitting 1 to 2 people. 

83 x 22 Tiny House Trailer with 14 PLY tires

83x22 heavy duty

This heavy-duty beast can handle almost anything you throw at it. You can order it with 14 PLY tires which means they will be more robust and durable than a standard trailer tire, especially if you do a lot of traveling through rough terrain. This trailer is rated at 14 thousand pounds, whereas most tiny houses weigh around 10,000 lbs meaning this trailer is plenty strong enough to handle a small home.  

Tiny House Trailer FAQ

  • Why are tiny house trailers becoming popular?

There are many contributing factors to the rising demand for tiny house trailers. They are environmentally conscious as well as cost-effective. These factors have created quite a draw to this minimalist lifestyle, especially if you aren’t able to afford the rest or mortgage of a traditional home. Rising housing prices have caused concern for prospective buyers, making tiny homes a perfect solution to these problems.

  • How Do I Level My Tiny Home Trailer? 
  1. Find the most level spot in the area you are looking to stay
  2. Secure the trailer with wheel chocks to keep it from moving while you level it. 
  3. Check how to level your trailer using a leveling tool; this will give you a good idea of how your trailer needs to be adjusted. Check front-to-back and side-to-side
  4. Use leveling blocks or pads to raise the low side of the trailer until it is level.
  5. Recheck the level of the trailer using your leveling tool
  6. Test the stability of your tiny home trailer by trying to rock it side-to-side and back-to-front.
  7. Ensure the jacks or leveling blocks are locked and cannot move.
  • Is a Tiny Home Trailer Cheaper Than a Mobile Home?

Yes, a tiny house trailer is typically a bundle of money cheaper than most mobile homes. An outfitted tiny house trailer will cost between $20,000 and $40,000, whereas a mobile home can cost anywhere from $40,000 to $100,000. There are benefits to both types of homes. A tiny house trailer is easily movable, whereas it is difficult to move most mobile homes. But a tiny house trailer will not afford you the room a mobile home can give. 

  • How Big is a Typical Tiny House?

The size of your house depends on the size trailer you buy. Tiny home walls are typically around 5 inches thick, so taking 10” – 12” off your trailer’s dimensions will give you the interior dimensions of your tiny house. 

  • What Kind Of Towing Vehicle Do You Need For A Tiny House Trailer?

The size of the vehicle you need for your tiny house trailer depends on the size of your trailer; you’ll need a vehicle that can handle the combined weight of your trailer and tiny house. This includes most SUVs and pickup trucks. 

  • Where Can I Park My Tiny House Trailer?

The sky is the limit for where you can travel with your tiny house trailer. The rules and regulations for a tiny house trailer can change depending on your location, so it’s wise to check with local regulations when you change locations. 

  • Can You Build Your Own Tiny Home On a Trailer?

Yes, having the skills and expertise to build your tiny house can save you a lot of money. Check local regulations for tiny house trailers to see if there are any codes you must comply with, and then off you go! Here at Four Winds Trailers, we can get you started with the exact trailer you need, and you can take it from there!

Customization and Creativity

Tiny house trailers offer an excellent opportunity to unleash your creative side. You can find endless ideas online for creating a space customized to your unique style. For most homes, you need to spend thousands of dollars on furniture and appliances, whereas in your tiny house trailer, you can optimize every part of your home to perfection. 

Here are some neat customization tips. 

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Design Your Layout

Create a personalized living space that sets you apart from a traditional home. You can customize your tiny house trailer layout to reflect your style and taste. From choosing a layout, floor plan, and interior finishes and selecting materials, colors, and fixtures, you can create a space where you feel entirely at home and comfortable.

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Multi-Use Furniture

Do you have a knack for creating your furniture? Tiny House Trailers are well known for having some of the most clever and efficient furniture on the market. From items such as a fold-down table or a Murphy bed to built-in storage on your walls or floor, you can maximize the functionality of your living space. You can even build customized pieces unique to your tiny house trailer.

How To Get Started

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Are you ready to embark on the exciting adventure of obtaining your tiny house trailer? Look no further than Four Winds Trailers, your go-to source for top-quality trailers. Our trailers are designed to provide exceptional durability, stability, and versatility, ensuring your tiny house is safe and secure on the road.

With our vast range of trailer options, you can find the perfect size for your tiny house trailer. We’re here to answer any questions and guide you through the process; you can even choose a trailer straight off the lot so you can immediately get started on the tiny house of your dreams.