What Is A Gooseneck Trailer?

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A gooseneck trailer is a hauling trailer that is used for transporting large equipment or material. The word “gooseneck” comes from the look of the trailer because it resembles the animal gooseneck because of the way the trailer hitches to the truck. Let’s dig into it a bit more and find exactly what a gooseneck trailer is and what are some popular questions about the gooseneck trailer.

What Does a Gooseneck Trailer Look Like?

The gooseneck trailer looks like the neck of a goose hence the name gooseneck trailer. This look is given to the gooseneck trailer because of the connecting mechanism which is one of the more interesting trailer connections out there. Usually, you can see a gooseneck trailer being hauled by a pickup truck.

Why Use a Gooseneck Trailer?

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There are many reasons someone may want to use a gooseneck trailer. For one, a gooseneck trailer has a much higher load rating than traditional utility trailers and can be hauled with a pickup truck which is more convenient. Some gooseneck trailers can even carry more than 40,000 pounds of load! 

Plenty of business owners, especially in the landscaping industry, utilize the gooseneck trailer for business purposes. They don’t need a commercial truck to haul their equipment, and a utility trailer usually won’t work because of its size and load rating.

Trying to figure out what size trailer you need? These decisions are hard ones to make. You don’t want to get a trailer that is unreasonably huge and difficult to maneuver if you aren’t hauling large items. But there is no feeling more frustrating than getting a new trailer and suddenly wishing that you would have gotten a size bigger. Before you invest in a trailer, think about exactly what you will be using it for and choose a trailer accordingly.

Another thing you have to take into consideration is the vehicle you will use to haul your trailer. Not all trucks are created equal. There is an ongoing argument as to the best brand of truck out there, and I don’t think that argument will ever end. It’s mainly a matter of opinion, but there are certain brands of trucks that are a better option for hauling heavy equipment. Check out our blog that explores different truck towing capacities to help back up your defense of your favorite brand of truck the next time you are having a friendly argument about trucks with your friends.

Pros and Cons of a Gooseneck Trailer

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  • High load capacity
  • A commercial truck is not needed
  • Custom options available
  • Multiple sizes available for specific uses


  • Price
  • A pickup truck is required

How to Connect a Gooseneck Trailer to the Truck

The first thing you should do when connecting your trailer to the truck is to make sure the coupler is above the ball and bed of the truck so that you do not damage any part of the truck or trailer when connecting the two.

Step 1. You should back the truck up and align the coupler directly over the hitch ball in the bed. 

Step 2. Before lowering the gooseneck trailer, ensure the coupler is unlatched and in an open position. If so, begin lowering the trailer onto the ball.

Step 3. Next, you should raise the jack foot into the upper position. 

Step 4. Now you can get into the bed and connect the breakaway cable. Make sure to connect the cable to a secure point on the hitch system.

Step 5. Attach both of the safety chains to the gooseneck hitch.

Step 6. Close the coupler and latch the safety pin.

Step 7. Hook up the seven-way plug to the receptacle of the truck and close the tailgate

Step 8. Walk around the trailer and make sure everything is in place and the lights are working.

Features of the Gooseneck Trailer

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There are many unique features in this type of trailer. In particular, the gooseneck has a hitch that arcs over the rear gate of the truck which allows it to connect the bed. Most gooseneck trailers are double tandem which means it has 2 dual axles to ensure a smooth and safe ride for the haul and the operator.

Depending on the trailer brand or dealer, some gooseneck trailers can come with their own features. At Four Winds Trailers, our gooseneck trailer standard features include a grated 5’ dovetail to provide an easy loading and unloading ramp. New wheels are always included on new trailers as well as a lockable toolbox to keep your tools safe when stowed.

Trailers can generally be customized to fit your exact needs. Adding a spare tire and mount to your trailer is a great way to look out for your future self. We all know the feeling of driving somewhere and having your trip interrupted by a flat tire. While our vehicles come with a spare tire and the tools to change them, not all trailers do. Add a spare tire to your trailer and save yourself some time and lots of headaches the next time you get a flat tire on your trailer. Flat tires are inevitable, but you can think ahead and be more prepared!

Some trailers come with an adjustable dovetail. This allows you to move the dovetail to lay flush with the trailer bed and extends the length of the trailer by a good bit. Now you can easily haul larger items without having to get a new trailer.

Who Typically Uses a Gooseneck Trailer?

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You can always expect contractors to be driving around with these trailers. They can be hauling anything from commercial excavators to bulldozers. Some contractors may even rent gooseneck trailers for particular jobs that require larger and heavier equipment. If you are someone who works in this field, a gooseneck trailer might be for you too!

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Farmers are another popular gooseneck trailer customer. Farmers use these heavy trailers to haul some of their larger equipment including hay bales and much more. This durable trailer is a convenient way for any farmer to simply haul any of their heavier equipment across the farm.

A gooseneck trailer is a companion for those who regularly haul large and heavy pieces of equipment or material. If you are someone who is interested in a gooseneck trailer in Kentucky, Tennesee, or anywhere near, we would love to help you out. You can submit a free trailer estimate to get the latest on your custom trailer below.

If you’re interested in a rent-to-own financing option for your gooseneck trailer contact us for more information.