5×10 Utility Trailer

Recognizing the demands of a fast-paced lifestyle, we have crafted the perfect companion for you, our 5×10 Utility Trailer. Life can be unpredictable, but your trailer shouldn’t be. Built with durability in mind, our 5×10 Utility Trailer is constructed using robust materials that can withstand heavy loads, rough terrains, and adverse weather conditions. With our 5×10 Utility Trailer, you can have full confidence in its unwavering toughness, matching your own determination.

Want a customized 5×10 utility trailer tailored to your needs? We offer a range of sizes and features so you can create a trailer fit for any job. Request a free quote to get started on your 5×10 trailer.

In-Stock Utility Trailers

Take a look at the 5×10 utility trailers we have in stock. Our inventory rotates, so 5×10 trailers may not always be in stock. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, you can create a customized trailer with us! Contact us to get a quote on your custom trailer today.

Standard Features for 5×10 Utility Trailers

4’ Gate

The 4-foot gate size is commonly chosen as a standard option for trailers of this nature. Its dimensions offer convenient loading and unloading capabilities, ensuring ease of use. Additionally, this size offers an added layer of safety by effectively preventing loose items from sliding off the trailer during transportation. With the 4-foot gate size, you can confidently transport your goods while maintaining security and peace of mind.

New Wheels

Rest assured that all of our new or custom 5×10 Utility Trailers are equipped with brand-new wheels that ensure long-lasting and reliable performance.  These wheels are specifically designed to endure the demanding conditions of rough and extensive journeys on the road. Count on their durability and strength to withstand the challenges encountered along your travels, providing you with a smooth and dependable towing experience.

2×3 Angle Main Frame

For enhanced security and peace of mind, our 5×10 Utility Trailers are equipped with a robust 2×3 Angle Main Frame. This sturdy frame design provides exceptional support and stability for the trailer bed, ensuring the safety and protection of your valuable cargo. Trust in the reliability and peace of mind that our 5×10 Utility Trailers offer with their sturdy construction.

Custom Options on 5×10 Utility Trailers

LED Lights

Enhance safety for both yourself and fellow road users by considering the addition of optional LED lights to your custom trailer. These advanced lights significantly improve visibility by providing clear signals to drivers in your vicinity. By opting for LED lights, you can promote safer travels, ensuring that you are easily noticed on the road and minimizing the risk of accidents. 

Spare & Mount

Ensure you are well-prepared for unexpected situations and safeguard your trailer by opting for a spare tire and mounting option. Don’t let a flat tire ruin your trip! By equipping your trailer with a spare tire and mount, you can proactively protect yourself from potential setbacks. Be proactive and stay prepared, allowing you to handle any tire-related challenges with ease and continue your journey without interruptions.

Metal Floor

We provide metal flooring options for your trailer, offering a superior level of toughness and durability when compared to standard wood. If you prioritize having the strongest trailer bed possible, opting for a metal floor is an excellent choice to consider. With its robust construction, metal flooring ensures long-lasting performance, making it an ideal solution for those seeking enhanced durability and reliability in their trailers. Choose the strength and resilience of a metal floor to meet your trailer needs.

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5×10 Utility Trailer Uses

Moving Furniture and Appliances

The larger size of a 5×10 trailer makes it suitable for transporting furniture, mattresses, appliances, and other bulky household items during a move. It offers more space for stacking and arranging items securely.

Yard Work and Landscape

If you engage in landscaping or yard work, a 5×10 trailer can be helpful for hauling tools, lawnmowers, trimmers, leaf blowers, gardening equipment, plants, bags of mulch, and other materials needed for maintaining or renovating outdoor spaces.

Business and Commercial Use

For small businesses or entrepreneurs, a 5×10 trailer can be utilized for transporting goods, inventory, equipment, or supplies. It provides a cost-effective solution for local deliveries or mobile services.

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