5×20 Utility Trailer

Whether you are a business owner or someone who does a lot of road running with cargo, our 5×20 utility trailer is just what you need to accomplish your goals safely and quickly. Equipped with different features to assist you in your day-to-day tasks, our trailers are built for longevity and efficiency. Our 5×20 utility trailer is constructed using sturdy material that can handle weighty loads, difficult roads, and any weather conditions. Have complete trust in your trailer’s durability with our 5×20 utility trailer.

Want a customized 5×20 utility trailer tailored to your needs? We offer a range of sizes and features so you can create a trailer fit for any job. Request a free quote to get started on your 5×20 trailer.

In-Stock Utility Trailers

Take a look at the 5×20 utility trailers we have in stock. Our inventory rotates, so 5×12 trailers may not always be in stock. However, you can create a custom trailer of any size with us. Contact us to get a quote on your custom trailer today.

Standard Features for 5×20 Utility Trailers

4’ Gate

The 4-foot gate size is a popular option for trailers of this type. Convenient and efficient loading and unloading are provided by our 5×20 utility trailer’s dimensions ensuring user-friendly operation. This size also enhances safety by preventing important items from slipping off the trailer during transport. While prioritizing security and enjoying peace of mind, you can transport your goods with confidence with our 4-foot gate.

New Wheels

Feel confidence in your new 5×20 utility trailer knowing that all of our new or custom trailers are equipped with brand new wheels. Our wheels guarantee exceptional and dependable performance. These wheels are purpose-built to withstand the rigorous demands of rough terrain or long road trips. Rest assured that their durability and quality will endure any obstacle you may encounter during your work or travels, providing a comfortable and reliable hauling experience.

2×3 Angle Main Frame

To provide you with added security and confidence in our trailers, each 5×20 Utility Trailer is outfitted with a durable 2×3 Angle Main Frame. This quality frame design delivers exceptional support and stability to the trailer bed, guaranteeing the safety and protection of your cargo. Rely on the sturdy construction of our 5×20 Utility Trailers to ensure reliability and strength for even the toughest jobs. 

Custom Options on 5×20 Utility Trailers

LED Lights

Look out for the safety of yourself and others on the road by considering the inclusion of optional LED lights for your custom trailer. Offering clear signals to fellow drivers, these lights drastically improve visibility for your trailer when it’s on the road. By choosing LED lights, you actively contribute to safer travels and reduce the risk of accidents. Prioritize safety with the addition of LED lights to your trailer.

Spare & Mount

Be prepared for the unexpected setback of a flat tire with the option of a spare tire and mount for your 5×20 utility trailer. Don’t let a flat tire cost you time and ruin your day. With the addition of a spare tire, you can have confidence in your schedule and save time when trouble does arise. Stay one step ahead of delays and safeguard yourself from frustrating circumstances by equipping your trailer with this optional addition.

Metal Floor

Experience a new level of strength and durability with our option of metal flooring for your 5×20 utility trailer. Our metal flooring ensures long-lasting quality performance. With its excellent construction, a metal floor ensures exceptional durability and reliability, making it the ideal solution for those seeking unmatched strength in their trailers. Select a metal floor and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you have a trailer that will endure the toughest situations.

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5×20 Utility Trailer Uses

Outdoor Gear

Our 5×20 trailer offers an excellent option for outdoor enthusiasts looking for an efficient way to transport their canoes, kayaks, bicycles, and other outdoor gear. With its sturdy build and durable frame, our trailer won’t stop you from taking the road less traveled on your next adventure.

Event Planning

If your occupation involves set-up for events in different locations, our 5×20 utility trailer will make your job a lot easier. With plenty of room to transport a myriad of items, our trailer will prove itself to be strong and efficient to transport your important items from one location to the next.

Lawn Care

Running a lawn care business takes a lot of different tools. Our 5×20 utility trailer is an excellent complement to make your business run more smoothly. Built for durability and boasting plenty of space, our trailers ensure that you get your tools to the job safely and efficiently. 

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