5×22 Utility Trailer

You live a fast-paced life filled with different demands and obstacles to overcome. We understand that, so we’ve designed a reliable 5×22 utility trailer to complement your hard-working lifestyle. With its spacious cargo area, our trailer is the ultimate hauling solution for all your upcoming projects. Our trailers are designed with productivity and durability in mind so you can check off your tasks more quickly and efficiently.

Want a customized 5×22 utility trailer tailored to your needs? We offer a range of sizes and features so you can create a trailer fit for any job. Request a free quote to get started on your enclosed 5×22 trailer.

In-Stock Utility Trailers

Take a look at the 5×22 utility trailers we have in stock. Our inventory rotates, so 5×22 trailers may not always be in stock. However, you can still create a custom 5×22 trailer with us. Contact us to get a quote on your custom trailer today.

Standard Features for 5×22 Utility Trailers

4’ Gate

A four foot gate is the standard choice for trailers in this category. The gate’s width offers plenty of space for loading and unloading, so you can streamline your job more effectively. Safety is an additional benefit of this gate. Travel down the road with peace of mind, knowing that your cargo is kept safe and secure. Our standard four foot gate is the perfect combination of security and convenience!

New Wheels

All of our new or custom built 5×22 trailers are equipped with brand new wheels that provide you with reliable and long-lasting performance. Designed especially to undergo rough conditions and long stretches on the road, these wheels will give you peace of mind as you haul your trailer. Rely on our new wheels for a smooth and trustworthy towing experience!

2×3 Angle Main Frame

All of our 5×22 trailers are equipped with a sturdy 2×3 Angle Main Frame for extra safety and dependability. These frames offer excellent stability and assistance to the trailer bed so that you can rest assured that your valuable cargo is being towed safely. Our trailers are built so that you can trust in them for anything you might face.

Custom Options on 5×22 Utility Trailers

LED Lights

Your own safety and the safety of others on the road will be increased by the addition of optional LED lights to your trailer. Clearly illuminating when you signal, the light will help other motorists to stay aware of your presence on the road. Choosing LED lights promotes overall safety, ensuring you are easily noticeable and cutting back on the risk of accidents. 

Spare & Mount

Look out for your future self by opting for a spare tire and mount. Flat tires are inevitable in life, but they don’t have to cost you valuable time. Equip your trailer with a spare tire to ensure a quick and convenient fix when unforeseen issues arise. This optional feature is an excellent way to plan ahead and make your life more stress free!

Metal Floor

Metal flooring is an excellent optional addition for your trailer. This flooring gives your trailer top-quality durability compared to the standard wood flooring. Designed to add durability, the metal flooring option will give your trailer a longer life. For the sturdiest trailer, the metal floor is a custom option that you should consider.

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5×22 Utility Trailer Uses

Construction and Renovation

If you are working in construction, our 5×22 utility trailer is the perfect complement to your business. With its large cargo space, you’re sure to fit in all your construction tools, materials, and equipment. Rely on our 5×22 utility trailer for your day-to-day needs!


If you’re an outdoor enthusiast with recreational vehicles such as ATVs, motorbikes, or bicycles, this trailer is a great fit for you! Providing a secure and handy way to transport your equipment to your next adventure, our trailers are built to handle the roughest conditions you might find in the outdoors.


Whether you are passionate about keeping your property in top-notch condition or if you do that for a business, our 5×22 trailers are a great way to transport your lawn mowers, mulch, plants, and tools. Elevate the efficiency of your outdoor work with a trailer that has plenty of space!

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