6×10 Enclosed Trailer

Our 6×10 enclosed trailer is an ideal choice for business owners or frequent cargo haulers. It’s your ultimate partner for speedy job completion, engineered for safety and efficiency. Packed with features to meet your daily needs, our trailers ensure reliability, convenience, and cargo protection. Crafted from durable materials, our 6×10 enclosed trailer easily handles heavy loads, tough roads, and diverse weather conditions. Trust in its longevity and sturdiness for worry-free cargo transportation.

Want a customized 6×10 enclosed trailer tailored to your needs? We offer a range of sizes and features so you can create a trailer fit for any job. Request a free quote to get started on your enclosed 6×10 trailer.

In-Stock Enclosed Trailers

Take a look at the 6×10 enclosed trailers we have in stock. Our inventory rotates, so 6×10 trailers may not always be in stock. However, you’re welcome to create a custom trailer with us. Contact us to get a quote on your custom trailer today.

Standard Features for 6×10 Enclosed Trailers

Heavy Duty Door

Our compact enclosed trailer features a secure door to keep your load safely in place while you travel. Plus, there’s a handy side door for easy access whenever you need it. You can trust that your cargo will be both well-protected and easily reachable throughout your trip.

Ramp Door

Experience effortless loading and unloading with our rear ramp door feature. Bid farewell to manual lifting and the inconvenience of loading items onto the trailer. Our convenient ramp offers easy access, allowing you to load and unload your cargo effortlessly, without any strain. Enjoy a more efficient and user-friendly hauling experience with our trailer’s convenient rear ramp door.

LED Lights

Our trailer comes with LED lights to guarantee top-notch visibility for drivers during nighttime travels or inclement weather, effectively signaling other motorists while in motion. LED lights boast an impressive 80% increase in efficiency compared to traditional lighting, offering a brighter and clearer signal for everyone on the road. Improve safety and visibility with our trailer’s LED lighting system, ensuring your journeys are secure and reliable, whether it’s day or night.

Custom Options on 6×10 Enclosed Trailers

Exterior Color

No matter what you’re hauling, we think you should do it with flair. Customize your metal trailer with your preferred color to make it truly unique. Choose from six vibrant color options to create a trailer that matches your style or complements your business theme. If you’re feeling inventive, feel free to design your own trailer to meet your exact needs and preferences.

Extra Doors

If you’re thinking about adding an extra door to your custom trailer, we’ve got you sorted. We understand how crucial it is to have convenient access when moving your cargo. Simply inform us, and we’ll gladly fulfill your request by installing an additional door, making it easy to enter from either side of the trailer!


Seeking a roomy enclosed trailer for your cargo? Your search ends here! We offer an array of enclosed trailer sizes customized to suit your needs. Whether you require a larger size or prefer a smaller one, we have the perfect fit for you. Browse our inventory to discover the ideal enclosed trailer that perfectly matches your requirements!

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6×12 Enclosed Trailer Uses

Construction Work

Employing a 6×10 enclosed trailer for construction projects is an invaluable asset, significantly improving various job aspects. With generous interior space, this trailer facilitates the efficient transport of tools, equipment, and building materials to and from the construction site. Its enclosed design guarantees the protection of all items from weather conditions and potential theft, ensuring their safety throughout the process.

Market Transportation

If you own a stand at a local farmers market, a 6×10 enclosed trailer is an ideal addition to your business. Offering ample protected space for transportation, your market goods will reach their destination safely and efficiently. Additionally, the trailer can serve as a storage space for extra merchandise while at the market, saving you space for displaying your goods more attractively.

Moving and Relocating

Whether you’re relocating locally or embarking on a cross-country move for work, a 6×10 enclosed trailer ensures a safe and swift journey for you and your household belongings. Transport your valuables with confidence, knowing they’re securely sheltered within the durable enclosed trailer you’re towing behind your vehicle. Upon reaching your destination, utilize your trailer as a mobile storage unit, granting you extra time to unpack and settle in.

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