Durable Diamond Plate Trailers

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Diamond plate trailers are some of the most durable trailers on the market. The diamond plate floor adds another level of durability to your trailer without sacrificing the way you use your trailer already. These tough trailers are not just more durable…they are;

  • Anti-slip – The raised tread of these sheets are great for making sure your work boots don’t go anywhere else than where you step. 
  • Weatherproof – Given the metal nature of diamond plate, this allows for your trailer to withstand harsh weather conditions. 
  • Easy Cleaning – With a diamond plate surface, cleaning has never been easier. Simply spraying and washing your trailer floor will get all of the grime and dirt off. 
  • Modern – While wooden beds are traditional, diamond plate trailer beds are modern and newer in style and look. 
  • Functional – This trailer bed offers an easier way to continue hauling because of the little maintenance it needs. Keep pushing and performing while not worrying about daily maintenance. 

Let’s take a deeper look into diamond plate trailers and the specifics of the structure and use!

What Kind Of Metal Is Diamond Plate?

Diamond plate can be aluminum or steel. Each has its pros. 

  • Aluminum Diamond Plate – This type of diamond plate is more expensive than steel but is often used in more situations. Specifically, this style is used on stairs, boats, bathrooms, and kitchens. 
  • Steel Diamond Plate – This less expensive type of diamond plate is often seen on ramps, trailers, and truck beds. This is going to be the more common type of diamond plate trailer you will see. 

How Thick Should A Diamond Plate Be For A Trailer?

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Assuming you have a layer of wood underneath, we recommend 1/16” for proper support. The thickness could range in results if the diamond plate is the only layer on your trailer floor. You can choose between a ⅛”-¼” thickness at that point.

What Is The Purpose Of Diamond Plate?

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The primary purpose of diamond plate on trailers is to provide extra grip, durability, and to have your trailer be more weatherproof. Wooden trailer floors are great, but diamond plate goes the extra mile.

 It prevents slipping as you load and unload your haul. It also makes the cleanup process easier to deal with as you simply spray your diamond plate floor. This type of flooring is also aesthetically pleasing and gives your trailer a modern, sleek look. 

Is Diamond Plate Floor Slippery When Wet?

While it should not be any more slippery than any other surface when wet, we would advise caution when dealing with excess water. With the extra traction from raised texture, diamond plate is designed to help with not slipping. If your diamond plate is more slippery in the rain than usual, check out the below tips!

How Do You Make Diamond Plate Slip Resistant?

You can try four different methods to make diamond plate more slip-resistant. 

  1. Sand
  2. Rough Up The Surface
  3. Grip Tape
  4. Rubber Mats

While none of these methods are standard procedure, we have heard of positive results when attempting them. Keep in mind diamond plate is designed to help with traction. Choosing not to haul in the rain continuously may be a good place to start :).

But let’s start with #1. 

  • Sand – The solution using sand ranges from sprinkling some of the surfaces of your diamond plate trailer to having it sandblasted. Blasting a surface with sand will roughen and clean the surface giving it additional grip. 
  • Rough Up The Surface You can take sandpaper and achieve the same “rough results” to try and take the smooth surface away. There are also a few products you can use to roll on that create a rougher non-stick surface. 
  • Grip Tape This traction tape provides a rougher surface area where applied. It could be better to simply create some safer zones of non-slip surface area with this type of tape. 
  • Rubber Mats – This solution isn’t the best because adding another thicker layer on top of your trailer won’t be a long-term solution. Treat it like the tape and have a specific area with mats if you get to this point. 

What’s The Difference Between Diamond Plate And Tread Plate?

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There is no difference between these two things. Diamond plate and tread plate can be used interchangeably, referring to the same thing. Diamond plate can also be referred to as checker plate. All three of these terms can be used interchangeably. 

How Do You Attach Diamond Plate To Wood?

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All you need to attach diamond plate to wood are the right screws and an impact drill. Make sure you grab self-tapping screws for the best end result. Start along the edge of your sheet, and then determine if you need to screw down the middle. 

Does Diamond Plate Rust?

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Aluminum diamond plate does not rust; however, steel will. When metal comes into contact with oxygen and moisture, rust can present itself over time. With aluminum, it has the added benefit of being resistant to rust, so even as your trailer gets wet, it will continue to remain durable. 

Diamond Plate Trailer Fenders

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These fenders are another great way to protect your trailer. Fenders naturally protect your trailer and cargo from debris, but now with diamond plate trailers, the durability and protection have increased to another level. Check with your trailer provider to see if your trailer can be outfitted with these fenders. 

Diamond Plate Trailer Box

Another handy tool on trailers is a toolbox. Upgrade that to a diamond plate toolbox, and you will be able to utilize it longer with added durability. Diamond plate trailer boxes are great for storing backup cables, tools, equipment, and more! 

Diamond Plate Trailers For Sale

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If you live in the Kentucky or Tennessee area, we would love to talk to you about getting a diamond plate trailer. Browse our selection of diamond plate trailers in our online inventory, and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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