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The Ultimate Gaming Trailer Guide

Owning your own gaming trailer can be a lot of fun. Not only does it benefit you through entertainment, but it can also make you money as well! Before we go any further, we want to define what we mean when we talk about a gaming trailer. 

What Is A Gaming Trailer?

moving a mobile gaming trailer

A Gaming Trailer or Mobile Gaming Trailer is an enclosed trailer that is outfitted with multiple gaming systems and an environment to enjoy them.

How Much Does A Gaming Trailer Cost?

outfitting a mobile gaming trailer

A gaming trailer costs anywhere from $5,000 – $20,000, depending on the size and design of your trailer.

Are Gaming Trailers Profitable?

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If you are looking to build and use a gaming trailer for a small business, then yes, gaming trailers can be profitable. You will have the opportunity to rent out your gaming trailer for some of the uses listed in the following section!

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Here are the top 5 uses for having your own gaming trailer. 

  • Birthday Parties – Whether you have a five-year-old child or you have friends that act like five-year-olds sometimes, gaming trailers are great for celebrating birthdays. Park your trailer on the driveway and set up the best night of gaming you have ever had! 
  • Small Business – If you want to start a small side hustle, a gaming trailer business could be the perfect solution. You can rent your newly outfitted mobile gaming trailer for birthdays, bachelor parties, or any other fun occasion. Besides cleaning and stocking a fridge, there aren’t too many costs on your end!
  • Gaming Nights – If you were the type of person to grow up with sleepovers, LAN parties, and video games until late in the night…a gaming trailer is perfect for you. Recreate those moments with a unique space that is designed to entertain you and your friends for hours. 
  • Contests & Tournaments – If you are a serious gamer, chances are you compete in different tourneys and contests every week. Build yourself a mobile command center for just such moments. 
  • Family Game Night – Games can provide a lot of fun and memories when playing with family and friends. Between the food, the mess, the setup, and all of the people…it can get a little chaotic in your house. Create an environment where chaos is okay with a gaming trailer you can all look forward to hanging out in when you get home!

How Do You Outfit A Mobile Gaming Trailer?

enclosed trailer in bowling green

There are a lot of different components to a gaming trailer, but if you stick to this list, you should be all set to host the perfect party. 

  • Screens – Whether you choose to use TVs or monitors, high fps and great display are key. If you are looking to use mounted TVs, make sure you get a 4k compatible TV with a spot for HDMI and ethernet capabilities. If you choose monitors, a frame rate of 140fps is perfect for any casual gamer. Getting a G-Sync monitor can be a way to have something that the other gaming trailers do not!
  • Gaming Systems – Obviously, you will need some of the best gaming systems for your trailer. If you are building a gaming trailer for yourself, you can choose the system that best suits you! If you are making it to rent, you will want to include at least 3 of these; Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Having a variety will help customers find what they are looking for, and it gives them a broader game library to choose from. 
  • Gaming Accessories – Now that you have the TVs and the gaming consoles, it’s time to grab the much-needed accessories. These are things like wireless remotes, headsets, charging stations, and display elements for games. The display elements could be simple shelves or display cases for some accessories and decor. 
  • Sound System – Depending on your trailer, you may be able to get away with a simple sound bar and bass unit. The soundbars can be mounted up by the TVs, and the bass units can be housed behind the seating areas. If you want to get more involved, you can hire a company to outfit your trailer with a crazy sound system. 
  • Lighting – Gaming lighting is really important for your trailer. Think black lights, blue lights, and other neon-style lighting. You can also have backlit art from popular games. Generally, dark paint is behind all of these LED trailer lights as well to create the gaming ambiance.
enclosed trailer turned into a gaming trailer
  • Decor – Decor for your trailer is all about the different styles and types of games. Think of walking into a video game store; what is their decor like? You will probably want decals and framed posters from high-profile games. You can even have some “laser-tag-like” elements with glow-in-the-dark spray paint or other graffiti elements. Your attention will be on screens after the initial walk-through, so don’t spend a ton of money here. 
  • Seating – This is another important feature in any gaming trailer. This is where you or your customers will spend basically all of your time. There are three best approaches to take when it comes to seating. 
    • Benches – A bench can be an inexpensive solution to allow as many people as your trailer will allow to have a seat. You can have cushioned benches, and make sure to include other comfortable elements for the best relaxing gameplay.
    • Theatre Seats – You could go all out and get theatre seating for your gaming trailer. These seats recline, have heaters and are very comfortable to sit in while gaming.
    • Table + Chairs – If your gaming trailer is more for board games, make sure to get a nice big table with cushioned chairs. Wood is only comfortable for so long.
  • Refreshments – Having a well-stocked mini-fridge or a soda fountain in your trailer is an added amenity that not many of these spaces have. You can even have some wall shelving to hold the best snacks!

Gaming Trailer vs Gaming Truck

enclosed gaming trailer

A gaming trailer and a gaming truck are inherently the same things. A mobile space that is designed and created for playing games. Here are the pros and cons for these two vehicles when comparing them for that use.

Gaming Trailer Pros & Cons


  • Easier to outfit because of the smaller area.
  • You can haul it with any truck or SUV that is capable
  • Less expensive


  • Less Space For Large Events

Gaming Truck Pros And Cons


  • Larger space for events and parties
  • More room for additional games


  • More expensive than a trailer
  • It will cost more to maintain

Create Your Own Gaming Trailers in Bowling Green

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We currently have in-stock enclosed trailers in Bowling Green, KY, that you can turn into your very own gaming trailer. Request more information on our inventory or custom design your own trailer to be precisely the specs you need when you begin your trailer’s transformation. We look forward to hearing from you!