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Top 12 Ideas For A Mobile Service Trailer

large utility mobile servie trailer

One of the best new ways to take your business to your customers is with the mobile service trailer. These trailers are specifically designed to house your whole business and allow you to take that business on the road. Show up at an office, a customer’s house, or a public area to get more leads and sales for your business. Below are a few ideas for how you can use your mobile service trailer.

Mobile Service Trailer Ideas

Gaming Trailer

enclosed mobile service trailer

If you have ever considered renting out your trailer for parties and events, a gaming trailer could be the perfect modus operandi. By simply installing a few video gaming systems, lights, and screens…you turn your enclosed trailer into a gaming mobile service trailer. For more insight on these trailers, check out our gaming trailers blog. 

Food Trailer

large enclosed mobile service trailer

What’s the difference between a food truck and a food trailer? That may seem like the start of a bad joke, but it’s not. A food truck is your means of transportation as well as your business. A food trailer gives you the ability to have your business in its own separate space. Create your specialty dish to share as a side hustle by adding some fryers, ovens, counters, and other kitchen elements in your mobile service trailer!

Coffee Shop Trailer

coffee shop trailer

Imagine being able to set up your own coffee shop in a local coworking area or at the fairgrounds! Chick-fil-a’s philosophy was “bring the chicken to the people.” Now you can do the same with coffee! Create your own coffee shop mobile service trailer and become the barista you were born to be. 

Watch/Jewelry Repair Trailer

jewelry repair mobile service trailer

One of the most frustrating things is seeing broken watches and jewelry line your drawers. If you have the gift and talent of being able to put small items back together, grab an enclosed mobile service trailer to bring joy to people by repairing their accessories and heirlooms. 

Bike Repair Trailer

bike repair mobile service trailer

Photo credit: Canva

One of the biggest areas people began getting into during COVID is biking. Knowing whether or not a bike can be safe to take on longer rides can be tricky. Luckily, you can have a bike repair shop come directly to your home as long as they have a mobile service trailer to house their business! From fixing tires to re-wrapping handlebars, a mobile bike shop could be perfect for your area. 

Landscaping Service Trailer

landscaping mobile service trailer

Getting all of your gear and equipment for landscaping to the location is only possible with the right vehicle. A landscaping trailer could put you right back in business with the neighborhoods in your area. Tackle all of your customer’s outdoor problems with a landscaping mobile service trailer. 

Pet Grooming Trailer

pet grooming trailer

All pets are different and require different levels of care and maintenance. Help out pet owners by allowing them to keep their pets at home for grooming. Transporting a large dog or a mean cat is never fun. With a pet grooming mobile service trailer, you can not only earn a living but also take the stress away from families too!

Car Detailing Trailer

enclosed mobile service trailer

Our cars are either the pinnacle of cleanliness or a dumpster on wheels. Help others keep their cars with the shine and smell of a brand-new car! A car detailing trailer allows you to house all of the tools, equipment, and items you need to detail someone’s car fully. And the best part about a car detailing mobile trailer…you can meet them wherever their car calls home! Save your customer a trip on a Saturday to get their car detailed by coming directly to them.

IT Services Trailer

it service trailer

Technology is going to continue growing and getting bigger. Figuring out how to maintain, repair, and diagnose tech issues is tricky when you can’t see the person’s device in your own hands. With an IT services trailer, you can start a small business fixing computers, phones, routers, gaming systems, and more! Keep your tools in your trailer, but also create a space where you can work on the devices right from the customer’s driveway!

Pool Cleaning Trailer

pool cleaning mobile service trailer

Photo credit: Canva

Working on a pool takes time, the right equipment, and a means to get from place to place. Why not hooks up a pool cleaning trailer to your vehicle of choice to create a thriving business? Use this mobile service trailer as a way to earn money and help families who may not have the time or energy to undergo such a huge task!

Home Cleaning Trailer

cleaning mobile service trailer

Photo credit: Canva

If you think it takes a lot to keep a pool clean and running, a home cleaning service needs to tackle hours more of work. A trailer is the perfect option for taking your home cleaning business to the next level. Get a custom decal of your business on the side, and take your home cleaning mobile service trailer to each home you need to scrub clean! 

Photography Trailer

photography trailer

Photo credit: Canva

A photography trailer could be used in a few different ways. You could use an enclosed photography trailer as a dark room to develop pictures that you have taken. In this way, it would act as a home office. You could also use it to house all of your gear as you go to each shoot. If you are shooting a wedding, the chances are that you will need multiple cameras, tripods, lenses, lights, and a second shooter’s gear as well!

Mobile Service Trailer Styles

aluminum mobile service trailer

There are two main styles of mobile service trailers;

  • EnclosedEnclosed mobile service trailers are the most common form because they can take on so many different jobs. Because you have the benefit of walls and a roof, you are only limited in the service you can provide by your imagination.
  • Utility – While less popular, utility mobile service trailers are less expensive than enclosed, which gives them more appeal for that reason. Utility trailer service ideas consist of landscaping, home cleaning, pool cleaning, and car detailing.

Trailers For Sale In Bowling Green KY

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If you are looking to get into the mobile trailer business game, a utility or enclosed trailer is just a phone call away. Come and see us at Four Winds Trailers to find the perfect vehicle for your needs. We have in stock trailers in Bowling Green KY, or you can submit a free quote for a trailer custom-designed for you and your business! We can’t wait to hear from you!