How To Transport A Dirt Bike

how to transport a dirtbike

Are you in need of a way to transport a dirt bike? One of the best options for you is a dirt bike trailer. If you are wondering how to transport a dirt bike, this is the article for you. Here are some things you may need to know when it comes to finding the right one!

Why Transport A Dirt Bike With A Trailer?

how to transport a dirt bike using a utility trailer

Why should you consider a trailer as you wonder how to transport a dirt bike? If you only have one dirt bike and you’re a weekend warrior who meets up with friends to ride, then you might not need a dirt bike trailer. But if you have two or more bikes, don’t own a pickup truck, or simply don’t like loading 400-pound dirt bikes into the bed of your truck, then a dirt bike trailer is exactly what you need. 

You can usually fit two full-size adult dirt bikes in the bed of a pickup truck. The problem is that you have to use ramps to load those bikes into the bed (If you’ve ever done this, you know it’s not fun!) and to unload them when you’re ready to ride. Another problem is that there isn’t much room left for your ramps, helmets, fuel mixture, tools, and anything else you need to take with you. Using the bed of your truck is not ideal if you have two or more dirt bikes. 

Another reason you might buy a dirt bike trailer is that you do not own a truck. If this is the case and you love gripping it and ripping it, then you need some way to haul your bike around. A dirt bike trailer is the best and safest way to do this. 

How To Transport A Dirtbike: Trailer Size

how to transport a dirt bike with a large trailer

Since an adult dirtbike is a little over 7 feet in length, we recommend a trailer with a length of at least 8 feet. Keep in mind that if you ever want to transport more than one, it could be a good idea to factor that into your trailer purchase. 

How To Transport A Dirt Bike: 2 Trailer Types

Now that we have the size of our trailer down, it’s time to look at styles. There are two main types of trailers to solve our “how to transport a dirt bike” problem. These are 2 options you should be aware of and that you can choose between. There are open dirt bike trailers and enclosed dirt bike trailers. Both styles offer pros and cons. Depending on wants, frequency of use, budget, and storage space, one of the two styles will probably work better for you than the other. 

If you have space in a barn or a garage where you store your dirt bike(s) when you’re not using them, then you may want to go with a more affordable, open dirt bike trailer. This is a great way to save yourself some cash to use other places. But if you don’t have a good space to store your dirt bike(s) when you’re not riding them, an enclosed trailer can conveniently double as your dirt bike storage. It really comes down to what you have available and how often you ride.

How To Transport A Dirt Bike: Open Trailers

how to transport a dirt bike with a small trailer

Open dirt bike trailers are a great way to keep your expenses lower. Open dirt bike trailers, even larger ones that will fit multiple bikes, are going to be more affordable than enclosed trailers of similar size. These utility-style trailers offer easy loading and unloading. It’s also nice that at a glance while transporting your dirt bikes, you can see if they are staying tied down or if you need to tighten the straps or ropes.

Open dirt bike trailers are perfect for people who treat dirt bike riding like a fun, weekend hobby. Maybe you meet up with some friends once or twice a month and ride together on a Saturday? Or perhaps you take a monthly weekend trip to your favorite cabin in the woods and bring your bikes with you? Open dirt bike trailers can be perfect for these uses. Wondering about how to transport a dirt bike with the 2nd type of trailer? Just look below ⬇️.

How To Transport A Dirt Bike: Enclosed Trailers

how to transport a dirt bike using an enclosed trailer

Enclosed dirt bike trailers have their place in the discussion of how to transport a dirt bike as well. Often we see people who take their dirt bike riding a little more seriously opt for an enclosed trailer. If you’re a flat-track dirt bike racer or a motocross dirt bike rider, you may want an enclosed trailer for a few reasons. 

  • An enclosed trailer will protect your dirt bike from any elements when transporting it to and from the track.
  • An enclosed trailer also provides safe storage space on your property for your dirt bikes or bikes. (This means you don’t have to use a garage or shed space to store your racing bike.)
  • An enclosed dirt bike trailer can be customized with cabinets and storage spaces to store tools and spare parts to work on your bike at the track or at home.

You don’t have to be into dirt bike racing to warrant an enclosed trailer. It just tends to be a common trend that we see. You could simply be someone who enjoys riding and wants the added protection and benefits of an enclosed dirt bike trailer. Maybe riding is a family affair for you, and in addition to your full-sized, adult bike, you have your wife’s bike and two 100cc bikes for your children. An enclosed trailer will serve your family well. 

How To Transport 2 Dirt Bikes Using A Trailer

how to transport a dirt bike for racing

Figuring out how to transport a dirt bike can be tough…then add a 2nd bike. You can typically get away with a 5’x8’ open or enclosed trailer if you haul two dirt bikes. Some people will argue that you don’t need a trailer if you own a truck and only have two dirt bikes. We get that, but there are some excellent reasons for you to invest in a sturdy dirt bike trailer, even for two bikes. 

Loading and unloading are so much easier and safer with a trailer than it is with single-wheel ramps and your elevated truck bed. Using a trailer for two dirt bikes also allows you to use your truck bed to haul things like helmets, gas cans, and tools (and muddy gear on your way home). If you are trying to fit two dirt bikes into your truck bed, there isn’t usually much room left for other important things.

Bonus: Check out this graphic for how to utilize a 7’x14′ trailer to haul 2 dirt bikes and an ATV!

how to transport 2 dirt bikes

What Size Dirt Bike Trailer For 3 Dirt Bikes?

how to transport a dirt bike depending on the size

If you are hauling three dirt bikes, you need to have a 6’x10’ trailer. Again, you can choose open or enclosed, but either way, you’re going to want a 6’x10’ trailer. The average dimensions of adult, full-sized dirt bikes are 3 feet wide at the handlebars and about 7 feet in length. You will need to park the bikes on an angle in order to load 3 of them, but with a 10’ long interior of a trailer, you will have plenty of room for three slanted dirt bikes and some of your gear. 

What Size Dirt Bike Trailer For 4 Dirt Bikes?

If you have four dirt bikes you need to haul, then you’re going to need a 6’x12’ trailer minimum. With a 6’x12’ dirt bike trailer, you will be able to stagger four full-sized adult dirt bikes. You may even be able to fit five dirt bikes into a trailer of this size, but if you do that, you will not have much room left over for tools, fuel, protective gear, or anything else. 

The other option you do have is to go with a wider trailer. 6’ wide trailers are basically the industry standard, but you can go wider. If you chose to get a 7’ wide trailer or a 7.5’ wide trailer, you could pick up a decent amount of space when hauling four dirt bikes. This is because you can position the first two bikes side by side at the front of the trailer and then stagger two more behind them.

The hesitation that people have when choosing a wider trailer is storing it. Trailer dimensions are usually referring to the interior dimensions, so if you have a 6’x12’ trailer, chances are you will need more than a 6’x12’ space on your property to store it.

How To Transport A Dirtbike: Trailer Storage

how to transport a dirt bike for offroading

Now that you know some great options to help you know how to transport a dirt bike, you need to think about where you will store your trailer. It’s important to consider how much outdoor storage space you have for your dirt bike trailer. An important thing to remember is that the dimensions of the trailer you choose are usually the inside-to-inside dimensions and not wheel-to-wheel. This means that if you choose a 6’x10’ trailer, you may need at least 8’x12’ of storage space for that trailer actually to fit.

Make sure you plan for the storage of your trailer before you make your purchase. Make sure you are thinking about the outside-to-outside dimensions of the trailer you’re looking at purchasing. It’s a good idea to take a tape measure with you when you go to look at trailers and measure their outside dimensions. 

How To Transport A Dirtbike With Four Winds

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How To Transport A Dirt Bike With A Trailer

dirt bike trailers in ky

So, to wrap this up, there are a few key factors to keep in mind when choosing how to transport a dirt bike.

  1. You need to choose an open trailer or an enclosed trailer based on how much protection you want for your bike(s) and how frequently you ride.
  2. You need to choose the right-sized trailer based on how many bikes you have to trailer and how much gear storage you need to have on the trailer as well. 
  3. The space you have to store your trailer on your property is also an essential factor to consider.

Make sure to remember to secure your dirtbike to your new trailer well! This could help you figure out the steps you need to take to make that happen.

Still have questions about how to transport a dirt bike? We’d love to talk to you and help you find the trailer that you’re looking for! Contact us or request a free quote to get started.

Four Winds Trailers has some of the best trailers in the US. We are located in KY, so if you need an open dirt bike trailer or an enclosed dirt bike trailer, we would love to help you pick one out. Contact us today or visit our lot if you’re in the Kentucky area!