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UTVs are a great way to have some fun out on trails and in the country. They are also perfect for taking on the workload of your property or business. It isn’t always possible to drive your UTV to its destination, but luckily there is another option. You can always get a UTV trailer to make sure your recreation/work vehicle gets to its final destination. 

In this article, we want to cover what you need to know before purchasing a trailer to transport your UTV. A lot can go into transporting a UTV, but a UTV trailer could be the perfect solution for you. Let’s dive in to see if that is the case. 

What Is the Difference Between A UTV and A Side By Side?

UTV or side by side driving down dirt road

Typically, there is no difference between a UTV and a side by side as these terms are often used interchangeably. These vehicles are mostly the same except that UTVs tend to be utilized for work and utility purposes while side by sides cater to both work and recreational purposes.

How Do You Best Transport Your UTV or Side By Side?

lawrimore utv trailer

When you purchase a UTV, the last thing you want is to accidentally wreck it by not transporting it properly. A UTV that falls off a trailer mid-haul isn’t good news for anyone involved. 2 of the primary and best ways to transport your UTV are with trailers and truck beds.

The first question we have is…” do you own a truck?”. That is obviously going to determine how you go about picking which option is best for you. You wouldn’t think we need to ask it, but we do. The bed of a truck can be the easiest solution to your transportation needs depending on the size of the UTV and the size of the truck bed.

The other option you have is to purchase a UTV trailer. This is going to be a lot less expensive than buying a truck just to be able to use the bed. UTV trailers come in different sizes and styles. We are going to take a look at some of the key questions about UTV trailers a little bit later. Feel free to skip there if you already know what you want to do! Did you also know that we can help you with ATV trailers too?

UTV Trailers Vs Truck Beds

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The most significant difference between UTV trailers and truck beds is size. The width of your UTV will generally be the biggest problem for your truck bed. If your UTV is over 55 inches, you will begin to have a tough time fitting it in your truck bed. 

You will also want your truck bed to have the maximum length that the truck offers. That long bed will give you the length you need to haul your UTV in most cases. You can haul different UTVs with shorter truck beds, but that is by far not the case all the time. 

Another key difference between a UTV trailer and a truck bed is the need for ramps. A trailer will obviously give you a way to load and unload your UTV, but a truck will not. Don’t attempt just to roll your UTV off the back of your truck. This could harm your truck, your UTV, or even yourself!

truck bed vs trailer bed

If you are worried about your truck bed or the size of your UTV at all, getting a trailer could be the smartest thing to do.

What Size Trailer Do I Need For A Side by Side?

side by side trailer driving down dirt with dust flying up behind it

A 6’ x 12’ trailer can fit most 2-seat side by sides. If you’re hauling a 4-seat model, you’ll want a 14’ model with a width that’s wider than your side by side. The most important thing to make sure of is that you have at least 60 feet of space on your side by side trailer so you can accommodate most sizes of side by sides.

What Size Trailer Do I Need For A Standard UTV?

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A simple 6.5’ x 10’ trailer can fit a UTV in most cases. In most cases, you can also get away with a 5’ x 12’ trailer. The biggest thing you want to make sure of is that you have at least 60 feet of space on your UTV trailer. That is going to allow you to fit one UTV of various sizes. 

We recommend a 6.5’ x 16 trailer. This allows for more space for those bigger UTVs, as well as room to put the extra items that you will inevitably need as well. A bigger trailer in UTV work situations is going to be very beneficial as well. 

What Size UTV Trailer Is Best For An RZR XP 1000?

utv trailer

If you are just using the trailer for the UTV, you can sneak this vehicle on a trailer with 60 sq feet of space. It may be wise to go with a 6.5’ x 12’ UTV trailer. Whenever estimating a UTV trailer size, it isn’t a bad idea to overestimate. 

What Size UTV Trailer Is Best For A Polaris Ranger SP 570?

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This UTV will need at least 60 sq feet of space as well. Coming in with a width just under 60, a 5-6 foot wide trailer will do just what you need. Can you guess which one we would recommend? The 6 FOOT WIDE!

What Size Trailer Is Best For A Kubota RTV X1100C?

large utility utv trailer

The best size UTV trailer for this vehicle is going to be one that has at least 72’ sq feet of space. A 6’ x 12’ trailer can be the best small option for this UTV. The Kubota is longer than our first two options, coming in at over 10 feet. A 12-foot long trailer is going to be perfect.

What Size UTV Trailer Is Best For A Honda Pioneer 1000?

small enclosed utv trailer

The Honda Pioneer can be a little deceptive. You would think you can get it in a 10-foot long trailer, but you are going to want to go for at least 12’. A 6’ x 12’ will work well for this UTV as well. 

How Do You Load A UTV On A Trailer?

The main steps to loading a UTV on a trailer are:

  1. Make Sure Your Trailer Is Level
  2. Put Parking Brake On
  3. Check Hookup To Towing Vehicle
  4. Put Your UTV In The Lowest Gear
  5. Drive Your UTV Up The Ramp
  6. 60% Of The UTV Weight Should Be On The Front Half
  7. Tie Down Your UTV (ratchet, wheel baskets, wheel chock)
  8. Final Check

Here is a video that helps and goes into more detail!

Enclosed UTV Trailers

enclosed utv trailer

Enclosed UTV Trailers are another excellent option for transporting your UTV. This allows for an extra level of protection when moving your vehicle. You can still secure your UTV with straps or other tie-down methods, but now you have walls all around as well.
Standard enclosed UTV trailer sizes are 6’ x 12’ and 7’ x 14’. Enclosed trailers are going to be more expensive than other types of trailers, but the added security is worth it for some people.

UTV Utility Trailer

utility utv trailer

The other primary type of UTV trailers are utility trailers. Utility trailers will be the most common and have the most size options for your UTV. A standard UTV Utility Trailer will range in price from $1,700 to $4,000, depending on what you need precisely. 

The most common UTV trailer sizes for this type of trailer are 6.5’ x 10’ or 6.5’ x 12’. With measures that extend upwards of 18+ feet, you will definitely be able to transport your vehicle. 

UTV Trailer Hitches

utv trailer hitch

You shouldn’t need a special hitch to transport your UTV. You will want to make sure your hitch has the proper towing capacity and condition for traveling with a heavy haul. If you need a replacement trailer hitch, we can help. 

Best UTV Trailers

77x10 angle utilty with gate 2

Here are some of the best and most reliable UTV trailer types that we have for you to be able to transport your UTV. 

Small Utility UTV Trailer

  • 6.5’ x 10’ Lawrimore Trailer
    • GVWR: 2990 lb
    • Year: 2022

Large Utility UTV Trailer

  • 6.5’ x 16’ Lawrimore Trailer
    • GVWR: 7000 lb
    • Year: 2021

Small Enclosed UTV Trailer

  • Small Enclosed
    • 7’ x 14’ Stealth Slant Wedge Trailer
      • GVWR: 7000 lb
      • Year: 2021

What is the Best Trailer For a Side by Side?

Here are some of the best side by side trailers we have in stock to help you transport your side by side:

Small Utility Side by Side Trailer

aluminum 6x12 small utility side by side trailer

Our 6×12 utility trailer is the smallest size you’d want to go for transporting your side by side. Our inventory does rotate, so while we may not have on in-stock, your welcome to custom create a side by side utility trailer that fits your needs.

Large Utility Side by Side Trailer

large wooden flatbed utility trailer

Our 7×14 utility trailer offers additional space so you could fit a 4-seat side by side. If you need something wider for your side by sides, you can custom build a side by side trailer with us.

Small Enclosed Side by Side Trailer

7x14 enclosed side by side trailer

Our 7×14 enclosed trailer offers a more secure way to transport your side by sides. If you need a larger enclosed side by side trailer, we also have a 7×16 enclosed trailer.

Custom UTV Trailer

83x18 tube landscape with mesh, ck fenders and heavy gate 2

If you can’t seem to find a trailer in stock that fits what you need, you can always submit a free quote for your very own trailer. Let us know if you have a year, make, or model in mind, and we can go from there! Choose your weight capacity and let us know any additional features you may want. Those features include:

  • Fenders
  • Upgraded Lights
  • Upgraded Wheels
  • Hitches
  • And More!

UTV Trailers For Sale In Bowling Green, KY

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For all of your UTV trailer needs, Four Winds Trailers has you covered. All we want to do is get you the best trailer we can for a competitive price. That’s it. If you have any questions or need help when trying to find your trailer, let us know!

We are located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and would love to meet you! Happy Hunting!