Lightweight Car Haulers | Your Guide to Transporting a Car

83x13 car hauler trailer

What is a lightweight car hauler?

Lightweight car haulers are small car haulers you can haul by SUV or truck. There are multiple lightweight car haulers in the market. If you are looking for a lightweight car hauler, an aluminum car hauler is the best. The average size of a small car hauler is 7×18; this lightweight car hauler is the best and easiest way to transport your sports car or other vehicles. It has 2000-3500 pounds of brake pressure and a GVWR of 7000 lb. It also has redial aluminum tires with stabilized jacks. A 7×18 aluminum car hauler is the best trailer if you want to drive long or short distances. Lightweight car haulers are one of the most cost-effective trailers of all car haulers. 

What are some of the best lightweight car haulers? 

Suppose you are trying to transport your car from place to place and want to save mileage on your vehicle. Small lightweight car haulers are a better investment than any other car hauler out there since other car haulers could be costly to purchase and maintain. Light car haulers are cost-effective, need less maintenance, and are great with maneuverability. In this section, we’ll go over some lightweight car haulers and their gross vehicle weight rating (the maximum weight a trailer can haul).

83×22 Deluxe Car Hauler 

83x22 deluxe lightweight car hauler

This lightweight steel car hauler has a length of 22 feet, which is excellent for any size car. Here are more specs of the trailer.

  • Steel Floor
  • 2000-3500 lbs electric brake pressure
  • 7000 lbs of GVWR weight capacity
  • Steel ramp carriers with a mounted spare tire
  • 22′-foot Length
  • Radial tires

88×18 Angle-car hauler

83x18 angle car hauler 3 780x585 jpg

This lightweight car hauler is for one-car hauling. The specs of this trailer are:

  • Pressure-treated pine floor.
  • 2000-3500 pound pressure of one axle electric brakes
  • 4-foot ramp with a 15-inch steel tire size.
  • 7000 lbs of GVWR weight capacity.
  • 2000-pound round jack, making it easier to raise the car hauler.

Diamond deck car hauler

aluminum 7x18 car hauler jpg

This diamond deck car hauler trailer is the best quality lightweight car hauler. Here are some of the specs of the trailer

  • Four-wheel 3500 lbs braking pressure
  • Four-wheel suspension
  • Fuel effective
  • 7000 lbs of GVWR weight capacity
  • 5′-foot slide-in ramps with heavy-duty fenders
  • LED lighting with reflective tape

Lightweight hydraulic tilt car hauler

Diamond floor hydraulic car hauler has a hydraulic tilt that lowers and raises the bed of the hauler when loading and unloading the car. Here are some of the specs of the trailer

  • 7000 lbs of GVWR of weight capacity
  • 3500 lbs of brake pressure
  • four-wheel braking
  • four-wheel suspension
  • Length 82′-foot

Light duty-5″ channel frame wood floor car hauler

Wood floor car haulers have pressure-treated lumber, mainly used lumbers on car haulers due to their strength, durability, and affordability. Here are some of the specs of this trailer.

  • Pressure treated floor
  • Length 18′-foot
  • 5′-foot slide-in ramp with heavy-duty fenders
  • 7000 lbs of GVWR weight capacity
  • 3500 lbs of braking pressure

Aluminum Car Hauler VS Steel Car Hauler

aluminum car hauler trailer

Have you been researching the best lightweight car haulers? You will come across aluminum and steel car haulers. Light steel car haulers are a lot heavier than aluminum haulers and provide rigid frames. Even though they are stronger than aluminum, they don’t last longer than lightweight aluminum car haulers. Steel car haulers are vulnerable to corrosion and rust, which could be dangerous as it can weaken the trailer’s frame. Due to their heaviness, they are also hard to maneuver.

On the other hand, small lightweight aluminum trailers are corrosion and rust-resistant and have a longer lifespan than steel car haulers. Aluminum car haulers are easy to clean and maneuver, but steel car haulers could be a hassle to maintain because they require weekly cleaning and paint touch-ups on the outside. You may also need to apply rust-prevention products.

How much does a lightweight car hauler weigh?

how much does a car hauler weigh 1024x768

A lightweight car hauler weighs about 1500-3000 pounds but commonly has a maximum weight capacity of 7000 pounds. But the weight of your small car hauler depends on its length as well as its construction of it. If it’s a wood, aluminum, or steel car hauler, the weight will change significantly. Lightweight wood car haulers weigh approximately 2,800 pounds, and Lightweight aluminum car haulers weigh about 1,575 pounds. Light steel car haulers weigh approximately 2,945 pounds.

How long of a car hauler do I need?

82x18 single car lightweight hauler

The most commonly used car hauler sizes are between 16-30 feet long. We recommend a 16-foot-length trailer when hauling. Because with a 16-foot length car hauler, you can quickly load and unload a single car without difficulty. If you’re planning on carrying a single vehicle, the 16-foot length is a perfect choice because they are not too long to make sharp turns.

Do car haulers have to stop at a weigh station?

lightweight car hauler weight station

The answer to this question depends on how much your rig weighs. Most states require car haulers weighing over 10,000 pounds to stop by at scale weight along the route. So if you are hauling a car using steel or aluminum trailers, it will be important to check your weight before you are traveling. Keep the weight of the car you are hauling in mind.

Compact cars weigh about 2,919 pounds; midsize cars weigh about 3,361 pounds; large cars weigh about 3,882 pounds; SUV cars weigh about 3,590 pounds

So if the trailer weighs 2,800 and your vehicle weighs 3,882 (average SUV weight), you won’t exceed the state requirement for stopping at weighing stations.  

Best Lightweight Car Hauler Trailer Brands


Lawrimore is all about family. Their ability to manufacture a wide variety of trailers positions them as a market leader. Their prices on everything from car haulers to dump trailers are always competitive.


Blackrhino manufactures high-quality car haulers from wood to steel. Their lightweight car hauler is durable and long-lasting. Most car-hauler trailers are manufactured by black rhino company.


Anvil Trailers are widely known for manufacturing the best lightweight car haulers in the nation. This company manufactures multiple trailers like dump trailers, Flatbed trailers, as well as enclosed trailers.

Are there enclosed car hauler trailers?

charcole small enclosed trailer

There are enclosed car hauler trailers. These trailers have many more benefits than an open car hauler. For example, enclosed car haulers will protect your car from severe weather conditions and give you better security. Enclosed car haulers are 120 feet from fender to fender, making them 12 feet longer than open car haulers and easy to haul. The longer the enclosed car hauler, the more it weighs. It has a weight capacity of 10,000 pounds.

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