5×8 Utility Trailer

5x8 utility trailer

We understand the challenges and demands of a fast-paced lifestyle, which is why we’ve designed our 5×8 Utility Trailer to be your ultimate companion. Life can be unpredictable, but your trailer doesn’t have to be. Our 5 by 8 Utility Trailer is built tough to handle any challenge. It’s made with strong and durable material, so it can handle heavy loads, rough terrain, and bad weather. You can trust that this trailer is as tough as you are.

In-Stock Utility Trailers

Standard Features for 5×8 Utility Trailers

4’ Gate

This particular gate size is widely used as a standard choice for trailers of this kind. The 4-foot size offers convenient loading and unloading, while also providing an extra level of safety by preventing loose items from sliding off.

New Wheels

Each new or custom 5×8 Utility Trailer comes equipped with brand-new wheels, guaranteeing years of dependable performance. These wheels are built to withstand the challenges of rough and extensive journeys on the road!

2×3 Angle Main Frame

Our 5×8 Utility Trailers feature a sturdy 2×3 Angle Main Frame, which enhances security for the trailer bed, ensuring the safety of your products. The 2×3 angle main frame comes standard in all our trailers for your peace of mind.

Custom Options on 5×8 Utility Trailers

LED Lights

Consider adding LED lights as an optional feature to your custom trailer and promote safety for yourself and your fellow road user. These LED lights enhance visibility to drivers around you with clear signals. 

Spare & Mount

Opt for a spare tire and mounting option to prepare for unforeseen circumstances and safeguard your trailer. Don’t allow a flat tire ruin your trip! Make sure you’re well-prepared with a spare tire and mount to protect yourself from any potential setbacks.

Metal Floor

We also offer a metal flooring option for your trailer. Metal flooring offers superior toughness and durability compared to standard wood. If you’re seeking the strongest trailer bed, the metal floor is an excellent choice to consider.

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5×8 Utility Trailer Uses

Lawn and Garden Maintenance

Simplify your landscaping and gardening tasks by using this 5×8 utility trailer. Load it with leaf blowers, lawn mowers, wheel barrows, mulch, plants, gardening tools and other needed supplies for renovation projects or maintenance.

Camping and Outdoor Activities

This 5×8 utility trailer can be useful in transporting your camping essentials. You can transport gear, tents, bikes, coolers, kayaks, sleeping bags and other recreational equipment. With its ample space, you can effortlessly load and secure everything you need.

Waste and Debris Removal

Use this 5×8 utility trailer to haul away waste and debris. This versatile trailer serves as a reliable means of transportation, allowing you to conveniently transport branches, fallen trees, construction debris, old furniture, and other items to the designated disposal site.