Trailer Sizes Guide

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Finding the right trailer sizes can make all the difference as you begin to haul your load. Your trailer size depends on what you are moving and how those items need to be stored. In this article, we are going to take a look at some standard guidelines for picking the best trailer sizes.  

How Do You Know What Size Trailer To Get?

Determining the best trailer sizes for your needs is going to be dependent on a handful of things. The first item you will want to determine is the size of your hauls. In this case, the idea of “haul size” takes on two meanings. The first meaning is physical size. How large are the items you will need to haul? It may seem obvious, but you will usually require far less space to haul a lawn mower than several couches. 

The second meaning of haul size is how heavy your load is. Think of it this way– maybe you need to be able to tote around a few bales of hay for your hobby farm. The haul size is going to be far less in weight than a motorcycle. However, you may need the same trailer size because of the space the hay bales take up. 

One tip we have found to help many people make the correct decision is that going slightly bigger than you think you will need will usually help you in the long run. No matter what size trailer you purchase, you will find that it has limits. However, buying a slightly larger trailer now will save you the money you would otherwise spend when you “need” to upgrade to the next size. 

trailer size guide

How To Read Trailer Dimensions

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When you are looking at trailer sizes, it can seem a bit confusing to read the dimensions for the trailer size, especially when you see the sizes of 77×18. So let us help you understand the difficulty that has become deciphering the industry standard. 

When you see a trailer listed like this, “77×18 Tube Utility Trailer w/5′ Heavy Gate,” it can read a bit odd. So, let us break that down for you. The 77 is a reference to the width of the trailer. These measurements mean the trailer size width is 77”, about 6.5’ wide.  The 18 is a reference to how long the trailer is in feet. That later dimension means the trailer is 18 feet in length. Lastly, you see “w/ 5’ Heavy Gate.” The heavy gate alludes to the fact that the gate is made from heavy metals and is 5’ long when lowered—making the total length of this trailer 23 feet.

To recap, the trailer size listed above translates to this.

6.5’ wide x 18’ long with the ramp up


6.5’ wide x 23’ long with the ramp down

You may wonder why the width is such a big deal and why it is put in inches instead of feet.  The width of the trailer is set into inches because products are measured in inches instead of feet. Having this measurement in inches means you can more easily understand what will fit in the trailer. Additionally, a trailer should not be larger than the vehicle towing the trailer.

Common Enclosed Trailer Height

enclosed trailer sizes

No matter the enclosed trailer size, the most common enclosed trailer height available is 7’. A 7’  ceiling allows for adequate hauling of most items that people have in their everyday lives. 

Some of the everyday things you will be able to haul in a trailer this size are;

  • King-Sized Mattresses
  • ATVs
  • DJ Equipment
  • Landscaping equipment
  • Hunting Gear

Standard Trailer Sizes 

standard equipment trailer sizes

Trailer sizes come in a variety of lengths. These trailer lengths are going to be dependent on the style of trailer that you need. Whether you need a utility trailer, an aluminum trailer for landscaping, an enclosed trailer, a dolly trailer, or a hydraulic dump trailer, each style will provide you with a different size capacity.  

Gooseneck Trailer Sizes

gooseneck trailer sizes

Gooseneck flatbed trailers are a great trailer size for the person who needs to do heavy moving work regularly, such as a steel storage container business. The benefit of a gooseneck trailer is the ability to haul large quantities of goods without the need for a full-on 18-wheeler truck. 

What Are Standard Sizes For Gooseneck Trailers?

Some of the standard-sized gooseneck trailer lengths are 26’ and 36’ and not wider than 8’. This sized trailer allows for large items to be moved– even tiny homes. Additionally, a gooseneck trailer is an excellent solution for hauling heavy items such as large construction equipment. 

Enclosed Trailer Sizes

what size is an enclosed trailer

Enclosed trailers are a great way to haul items you need to keep safe from the elements, even in transport. These features make the enclosed trailer size a solid option for lawn care crews, DJ/ Event companies, and those who transport restored vehicles.

What Are Standard Sizes For Enclosed Trailers?

The most common sizes for enclosed trailers are 5’, 6’, 7’, and 8.5’ widths. They are typically somewhere between 8’ long and 32’ long. As far as height, any enclosed trailer is traditionally 7’ tall. 

Utility Trailer Sizes

utility trailer sizes

Utility trailers are the workhorses of the trailer family—everything from weekend mulch hauling to helping a friend move. The flatbed utility trailer size has seen it all due to its great versatility. These trailers serve most people the best because of their versatility. 

What Are Standard Sizes For Utility Trailers?

Standard utility trailer sizes are relatively straightforward. As we have discussed a few times, the standard dimensions of a utility trailer are  8’, 10’, 12’, 14’, 20’, and 22’ in length. Trailers seldom are larger than 8’ in width. 

Car Hauler Trailer Sizes

car hauler trailer sizes

Car hauler trailers can mean two very different things. One may be like the utility trailers that we talked about above. A car can be placed upon the trailer and transported that way. It can also mean a tow dolly attached to the back or a larger vehicle that simply pulls the car behind itself. For the sake of this section, we are going to focus on the car dolly idea.

What Are Standard Sizes For Car Hauler Trailers?

The car dolly comes in a standard size of about 8.5’ wide. Typically are about the same length for each car dolly out there. However, where they can differ significantly is the kind of breaking systems in each type of car dolly. 

Equipment Trailer Sizes

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If you need to transport heavy equipment, these are the trailers for you. These trailers are built to carry the heaviest and toughest haul items. Complete with fold-up ramps, a wood or diamond plate floor, and adequate trailer lighting. Equipment trailers are often very open with no siding to ensure they can carry oblong objects. 

What Are Standard Sizes For Equipment Trailers?

Equipment trailers generally have 20-foot lengths. This allows them to carry the maximum capacity that you need. There are smaller equipment trailers, but you usually won’t see them very often. If you are in the market for an equipment trailer, be sure to calculate what you will be most often towing. 

Specific Trailer Sizes

When it comes to transporting goods, having the right utility trailer size can make a big difference. Our utility trailers are built with safety and durability in mind, featuring strong construction and reliable braking systems. Whether you’re a business owner, homeowner, or just seeking adventure, having the right size trailer ensures your peace of mind while on the road.

5x8 utility trailer

5×8 Utility Trailer

5x10 utility trailer for sale

5×10 Utility Trailer

5x12 utility trailer for sale

5×12 Utility Trailer

5x14 utility trailer for sale

5×14 Utility Trailer

5x20 utility trailer

5×20 Utility Trailer

5x22 utility trailer for sale

5×22 Utility Trailer

6x10 Utility Trailer

6×10 Utility Trailer

6x12 Utility Trailer

6×12 Utility Trailer

Enclosed Trailers

When it comes to protecting your cargo from the elements and ensuring it is secured during transport, the size of your trailer matters. Our enclosed trailers offer ample storage space for construction equipment, landscaping supplies, or substantial household moves. Customize your enclosed trailer with additional features like interior shelving, racks, HVAC systems, or lighting to meet the unique needs of your hobby or business.

6x12 enclosed trailer

6×12 Enclosed Trailer

7x14 enclosed trailer

7×14 Enclosed Trailer

7x16 enclosed trailer

7×16 Enclosed Trailer

5x8 enclosed trailer 1 edited

5×8 Enclosed Trailer

6x10 enclosed trailer 1 edited

6×10 Enclosed Trailer

What Size Trailer Do I Need?

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Each trailer size serves a different purpose. When it comes to trailers, bigger is not always better, as having a bigger trailer will cause a larger gas bill when you haul it. That’s why selecting the right-sized trailer for the job is a great way to help you figure out what you need to move your things and not overdo it.

Trailer Sizes For Golf Carts

trailer sizes for golf carts

Photo credit: Canva

You will need a utility-style trailer when you need to transport a golf cart. The average golf cart dimension is 4’ wide and 7’ 8” long. With these dimensions, it would be best to have a trailer size that is at least 5’ wide and 8’  long. 

Trailer Sizes For ATVs

trailer sizes for atvs

Photo credit: Canva

ATVs are other kinds of vehicles that you will need a utility trailer to transport. The average-sized ATV is 4’ wide and 6’ long. This size trailer will not leave you with much additional space for taking items to travel. 

Trailer Sizes For UTVs

trailer sizes for utvs

Photo credit: Canva

UTVs are a great way to get those deer cams up and quite literally blaze trails. Due to their design, they are well suited to be transported inside an enclosed trailer that is at least 8’ wide by 8’ long. This also gives you a little additional space for storing items that need to be kept weather-safe. 

Trailer Sizes For UTVs

trailer sizes for moving cars

No matter if you love a good classic car or pick up old ones for scrap, a utility trailer is the best way to get started in car transportation. Most cars are 15’ long and about 6’ wide, meaning they need a relatively large amount of space to be transported. These dimensions mean cars will need to be transported on a utility trailer approximately 16’ long and 8’ wide.

Will A Trailer Fit In A Garage?

Yes, most trailer sizes can fit in a garage! There are two items that you will need to make sure are in place so that your trailer can fit in. The first item is the height;  the average garage door is 7’ tall. So if you plan to have an enclosed trailer in your garage, ensure that the height parameters accommodate the need. Second, the average single garage door opening is 9 feet wide. However, this can be far less problematic if you have a two-car garage door, as they average a space of 16-18 feet. 

Put simply, a single one-car garage could handle an 8’ wide trailer about 20’ long.

Trailer Sizes Conclusion

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Purchasing the proper size trailer matters. Go too small, and you won’t be able to transport what you need. Go too big, and you’re stuck with a hefty gas bill for pulling extra weight for no reason. No matter the size trailer you need, Four Winds Trailers has a wide selection available. We offer rent-to-own trailer options so everyone can find just what they’re looking for! So check out our inventory, contact us, or stop by to see what size trailer fits your needs.