Do You Know Which is the Best Gooseneck Trailer?

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Choosing the right trailer can be a difficult decision! A “One Size Fits All” does not exist. A gooseneck trailer is a type of trailer suited to particular tasks, and multiple kinds of gooseneck trailers are on the market. If you are shopping for a gooseneck, this guide will help you find the best gooseneck trailer on the market! Are you wondering what a gooseneck trailer is and want some more details about it? Check out our blog post all about gooseneck trailers.

Why buy a Gooseneck Trailer?

A gooseneck hitch overlaps the truck bed and centers the trailer’s weight over the rear axle. This hitch configuration gives goosenecks a low center of gravity. A low center of gravity prevents trailer sway, which can cause rollovers.

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Types of Gooseneck Trailers

There are several styles of gooseneck flatbed trailers on the market. Each type has its advantages! We will break down each kind for you to find the best gooseneck trailer for your needs.

Flatbed Trailer

What is a flatbed trailer? A flatbed trailer has a flattened platform that can be loaded from the rear or the sides. Did you ever hear the term “deck over trailer”? A deck over gooseneck a simply a flatbed trailer with a deck that sits above the wheels. Flatbeds are very adaptable and easy to load and unload.

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Enclosed Trailer

What is an enclosed gooseneck trailer? An enclosed trailer has walls and a roof. An enclosed gooseneck has an extra layer of security over an open trailer. Also, an enclosed trailer protects your trailer load from the elements and road debris.

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Double Drop Trailer

What is a double-drop trailer? A double drop trailer, also known as a low boy, has two drops in deck height. The first drop is after the gooseneck and the second drop is right before the wheels. These two drops allow the deck to be closer to the ground. Double drop trailers are the best gooseneck trailers for hefty equipment loads.

Tilt Trailer

Sometimes you need to tow items too heavy to lift onto the trailer. Say hello to the tilt trailer! A tilt gooseneck trailer is simply a heavy-duty tilt trailer with a gooseneck hitch. A tilt trailer’s bed can be lowered at an angle for easy loading and offloading. Some manufacturers offer a full-tilting bed or a partially-tilting trailer bed.

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What to Look for When Selecting a Gooseneck Trailer

Not all gooseneck trailers are created equal. A trailer is an investment, so make sure you look for the best trailers on the market! Here are some of the common characteristics of the best gooseneck trailers.


The trailer frame is the most critical part of your trailer. The best gooseneck trailer features an I-Beam frame. Standard gooseneck trailers use a 12-inch I-beam but if you need a more heavy-duty trailer, shop for a trailer with a 19-inch I-beam.


Your trailer axles determine your gross vehicle weight rating or GVWR. Your GVWR determines the load size that you can haul with your trailer. Check out our landscape trailer blog if you need help calculating the GVWR.

The best gooseneck trailers usually have an oil bath and breakaway axles. Oil bath axles have longer service intervals compared to greased axles. Breakaway axles are designed to bring your trailer to a safe stop if it disconnects from your vehicle. Breakaway axles are an essential safety feature to have on your trailer!

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Trailer braking system requirements vary by state. Make sure your trailer is within your state’s legal limits! Check your state’s DOT laws for the most recent trailer braking system regulations. That being said, here are the three most popular braking systems used on the best gooseneck trailers.

  • Surge Brakes – Hydraulic surge braking systems are often used on trailers up to 5,500 lbs. These systems are easy to set up since they do not require additional wiring. Hydraulic systems are smooth, which is excellent for fragile loads. The downside is that hydraulic surge brakes require regular maintenance and servicing.
  • Electric Brakes – Electric brakes are the lowest maintenance braking systems commonly used on the best gooseneck trailers. However, they do require special wiring and a controller for the cab. You will need to calibrate the controller according to your trailer weight.
  • Air Brakes – Air brake systems are commonly used on larger gooseneck trailers. Air is limitless, and the air brakes will work even if there is a leak. However, air brakes do require frequent servicing and maintenance.
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The best gooseneck trailer will be powder-coated. Period. Powder coating is more resistant to chipping, scratches, and other forms of wear. Powder coating lasts longer than regular paint, making your trailer more resistant to rust.



Your gooseneck trailer decking needs depend on what you will be hauling. Southern Yellow Pine is a common wood used for trailer decking. Southern Yellow Pine is durable and quickly absorbs treatment chemicals. However, it is prone to warping.

Oak is another wooden decking option. It is solid and more resistant to warping than southern yellow pine. However, it is less absorbent.

If you need maximum strength and durability, get Steel or Aluminum decking. Steel is durable but can rust. Aluminum doesn’t rust but is less dense and very expensive.



Halogens are light bulbs of the past. The best gooseneck trailer will be equipped with LED lights and moisture-sealed harnesses. Look over the wiring system before purchasing to avoid lighting problems down the road.

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Additional Options

What separates the good from the best? The best gooseneck trailers have rub rails for different spring-assisted ramps. Add toolboxes, steps, and dovetails for convenience.

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Standard Sizes of the Best Gooseneck Trailers

The most common trailer width is 102 inches, which is 8 ½ feet wide. Typical trailer lengths are 25, 30, 35, and 40 feet. The best gooseneck trailer size depends on how much you plan on hauling. Calculate the average length of your load and add a few more feet. You most likely will end up needing more space at some point!

The Best Gooseneck Trailers for Sale in Kentucky

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