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High quality custom flatbed trailers

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Are you looking to transport heavy or light equipment? Flatbed trailers give you great and easy access to load and unload with a forklift or a ramp. Flatbed trailers will haul any equipment of any size. Our flatbed trailers are custom-built with high-quality materials that will last you years with minimal maintenance. Request a free quote today. We have flatbed trailers in various sizes and styles we sell in Kentucky. Looking for some utility trailer ideas?

We strive to make our flatbed trailers affordable and quality made available for our customers. Flatbed trailers are built for rough terrains and heavy usages, and flatbed trailers are for everyday uses. Here is an article for the finest ten unique flatbed trailer uses. 

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Standard Features for Flatbed Trailers In KY

Light Box

Light boxes provide excellent visibility and brightness, making nighttime travel safer. Light boxes for flatbed trailers are made of high-quality materials that are both reliable and weather-resistant.

Checker Plate fenders

the checker plate fenders various between steel and aluminum which are both durable and resistable to any rust and weather damages. While also protecting the load from rock chips.

New Tire

As a standard features our new or custom flatbeds all come with a new durable tire that will last you years. New tires that will give you a smoother ride while also giving you a greater grip on the road.

Custom Options On The Flatbed Trailers

LED Lights

LED lights are superior to regular lights and have a longer lifespan because they can withstand road vibration and shocks that would damage a regular light. Increase the visibility of your flatbed trailer by installing a brighter LED light.

Spring Ramp

Spring ramps are a custom upgrade for our flatbed trailers that are 100% durable and simple to use for loading or unloading equipment with forklifts. In addition to making the flatbed trailer ramp easily lift and lower.

Metal Floor

You can also upgrade your flatbed trailer to a metal floor if you are concerned about durability, strength, or if you transport heavy equipment and need a more tough flooring.

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