14 Unique Trailer Uses

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If you are wondering whether or not you should own your own trailer, these fourteen trailer uses will show you exactly how you could put your trailer to use. Let’s take a look at the general uses of trailers and then go into a more detailed section on trailer uses.

What Are Trailers Used For? 

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Trailers are primarily used for hauling cargo or equipment from one place to another. The items you are hauling are usually very heavy and large, hence the need for the help of a trailer. 

Depending on the job you have your trailer for, you’ll want to choose a different type of trailer. Before you invest in a new trailer, carefully consider what you will be using your trailer for. We have listed some of the different types of trailers below and the common trailer uses for each type.

Trailer Uses By Type

Utility Trailer Uses

unique utility trailer uses
  • Hauling ATVs, UTVs, & Dirtbikes – If you are ready to ride your weekend vehicles around at the cabin, you will need a trailer to get them there first. Whether you casually ride on weekends or compete around the country‚Ķgrab a flatbed utility trailer for the best hauling.
  • Landscaping + Hardscaping – Whether you have your own business or are just landscaping as a hobby, a utility trailer will be the best piece of equipment to get your gear to the job site. 

Dump Trailer Uses

dump trailer
  • Junk Removal – For the best way to collect and haul junk, a dump trailer is a great addition to your vehicle family. Dump trailers are also a great substitute for enclosed trailers. Dump trailers can serve the same purposes as an enclosed trailer if you get a tarp or netting to put overtop of your haul. 
  • Snow Removal Hydraulic Dump Trailers are tremendous trailers that you could use for multiple things, such as snow removal. Using your dump trailer, you can remove snow easily and get it out of your way; the trailer is strong and durable and offers sufficient space for the snow.

Equipment Trailer Uses

equipment trailer uses
  • Transporting Construction Equipment – Moving Bobcats, lumber, metal poles, or any other construction materials is tough. Having a tough equipment trailer to haul the heaviest of loads is one of the best solutions!
  • Moving Oversized Miscellaneous Items – Have you ever been driving down the highway and you see two lumber trucks pass each other going opposite directions? This sight makes you wonder why these trucks aren’t switching routes with each other. Save yourself from inefficient routes that come with hiring a hauler by getting your own trailer! There will be times when you need to move bulky and heavy items and owning your own heavy equipment trailer will come in really handy!

Enclosed Trailer Uses

enclosed trailer uses
  • Moving ServiceEnclosed trailers will save you thousands of dollars every time you would normally hire a moving company. Enclosed trailers also protect the cargo in the trailers from weather damage and theft. When driving at a higher speed, the enclosed trailer keeps the items and boxes safe in the trailer rather than scattering them all over the road. Enclosed trailers are great for moving purposes as well as delivery services.
  • Camping and recreation – Enclosed trailers serve a lot of uses and services. Enclosed trailers are great for camping since they allow space for bigger gear and equipment. Other trailers don’t provide enough space or protection from theft. With enclosed trailers, you can have enough space to store kayaks and bikes. Enclosed trailers will keep your gear safe from theft and weather damage as well as give you the ability to use it for recreation with ATVs and motorcycle transportation.
  • Livestock – Whether you have your livestock or transport them from farm to auction or a slaughterhouse, enclosed trailers are one of the best ways to transport livestock hassle-free. Enclosed trailers protect your animals from the weather and provide sufficient airflow. Enclosed trailers can be used for moving smaller animals in individual cages. You will have to ensure that your trailer is fully finished to give your animals a pleasant and safe journey.
  • Storage – Enclosed trailers can be used for multiple storage purposes, such as UTVs, Motorcycles, and any antique items you want to keep safe. Enclosed trailers are great for storing valuable cargo. Since your garage can only offer sufficient space for a limited amount of storage, you can use a small enclosed trailer instead of cluttering your garage. Enclosed trailers can be a great extra storage space for storing seasonal storage items and keeping your garage and home tidy.

Car Hauler Trailer Uses

car hauler trailer uses
  • Automobile TransportationCar hauler trailers are one of the best ways to transport cars that are not working, cars that are just bought, and classic cars. Suppose you want to take your classic vehicles to the car show. A car hauler is the best way to do so. You can save thousands of dollars with car hauler trailers rather than hauling your vehicle by a car transportation contractor. Loading a car onto a car hauler trailer is easy, and car haulers offer a variety of sizes for more than 1 car. They are also cost-effective with excellent maneuverability.  There are also car tow dollies available for towing cars.

Using A Trailer To Start Your Small Business

Trailer uses can also be for starting a small business as a side hustle or as your primary source of income. Trailers can be used for a variety of businesses; here are a few trailer small business job ideas.

  • Landscape & Lawn Care – To start a lawn care business, you’ll need a trailer to transport your tools to the job site. You can keep lawn care tools in the trailer when not in use to save yourself from needing extra storage space. Easily store equipment such as blowers, mowers, trimmers, shovels, and rakes in your trailer. When you’re ready to head to a new job, simply hook up your trailer and drive off!
  • Moving services – Moving services can often be a hassle for everyone. Storing boxes and moving heavy household items are two things that a lot of people don’t want to do. But it’s a great way to start a small business with your trailer since your trailer would give sufficient space for all the boxes and items and the ability to help people transport them.
  • Mobile Services Mobile services are one of the most trending and growing small trailer businesses in the nation. You can choose multiple services in just one trailer, such as auto detailing services, IT services, pool cleaning services, and hair and makeup services. Trailers offer greater flexibility and the opportunity to meet your clients at their homes.

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