Enclosed Cargo Trailer Buying Guide

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Best Cargo Trailer Sizes

What are the best cargo trailer sizes? Before choosing a trailer, you have to know the size you need. The most common cargo trailer sizes are between 6-foot-wide by 9-foot-length. With this trailer size, you have sufficient space to store your equipment. But if you want a cargo trailer for bigger projects, an 8×16 cargo trailer gives you the best room for all your equipment.

Common Enclosed Trailer Dimensions

Enclosed cargo trailers give you extra protection from weather damage to your equipment by protecting it from snow, rainstorms, and heavy winds. Enclosed trailers protect your equipment by keeping it in the cargo hold. Otherwise, it could fall or be tossed out on the road when you make a sharp turn or during a strong wind. Here are some standard sizes of enclosed cargo trailers

4×6 Enclosed Cargo Trailer

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4×6 enclosed cargo trailers have an average weight capacity of 2,000 lbs and tire sizes of 12 inches. 4×6 enclosed cargo trailers are easy to tow, and you can easily fit a motorcycle in the small enclosed trailers as well. If you’re in between moving, you can use a simple 4×6 enclosed trailer to store some antiques to take to auction.

5×8 Enclosed Cargo Trailer

5x8 enclosed cargo trailer

5×8 enclosed cargo trailers have an average weight capacity of 2,215 lbs and a tire size of 15 inches. Most construction contractors use 5×8 enclosed trailers to store all their tools and equipment because it gives sufficient space. A 5×8 enclosed trailer can serve as an extra room or extra storage space for any materials you may need to travel to a secondary location. 

6×10 Enclosed Cargo trailer

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6×10 enclosed cargo trailers have an average weight capacity of 2,990 lbs and a tire size of 15 inches. These trailers are most often found in the professional world with landscapers. You can use 6×10 enclosed cargo trailers for moving, and they make it easier to store sofas and more oversized furniture.

What are the differences between a single axle and a tandem axle?

Tandem axles are more expensive than a single axle but they can haul heavier loads than a single axle. Tandem axles have 2 sets of wheels on both sides which gives it stability and traction when driving highway speeds. While tandem has 2 wheels on both sides, single axle trailers have multiple wheels. Compared to tandem axles single axle trailers actually turn easier and have more maneuverability. Single axles costs less than tandem axles and require a lower maintenance and repair costs. Plus single axles are fuel efficient. 

Enclosed Trailer Styles

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Are there different uses and styles for enclosed trailers? Yes, there are multiple styles and sizes for enclosed trailers. For example, you can have enclosed trailers that are car trailers, horse trailers, or boat trailers. Did you know you can turn your enclosed trailer into a gaming trailer?

Small Enclosed Car Trailer

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One of the most popular small enclosed car trailers of all time is the 6×12 single-axle enclosed car trailer. That’s because this small car trailer is reasonably priced while still packing a powerful punch in terms of payload capacity. The 6×12 enclosed car trailer is also extremely versatile, as it can be used for a variety of purposes besides just your classic car.

Smallest Enclosed Cargo Trailer

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The smallest enclosed cargo trailer size is 4×8. The 4×8 enclosed trailer is lightweight, with an average weight capacity of 1,600 lbs. You can use the trailer for hauling motorcycles or even use it as extra storage. 4×8 enclosed cargo trailers are affordable and easy to haul, perfect for short or long-distance driving. 

How much does an enclosed cargo trailer cost?

Here are the average enclosed cargo trailer costs by size.

6x10 flat front enclosed cargo trailer
6x12 enclosed cargo trailer
7x12 enclosed cargo trailer
8x16 enclosed cargo trailer
small 4x6 enclosed cargo trailer
5x8 enclosed cargo trailer

Enclosed trailers are more aerodynamic, provide additional protection and security when setting up at events and races, and have more storage space. If you are looking for a way to offset the cost of your enclosed trailer, why not turn it into a mobile service trailer? You could also try rent-to-own financing. There are many trailer uses for your enclosed trailer!

Enclosed Cargo Trailer Brands

There are multiple trusted trailer brands that are trustworthy and have high-quality trailers that will last you a long time. Here are some brands that are most trusted in the enclosed trailer industry.

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  • Lawrimore: Their ability to produce a variety of different types of trailers makes them a leader in the field. From enclosed cargo utility to dump trailers, their prices are always competitive, and we are happy to sell their trailers.
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  • Black Rhino: Their all-aluminum trailers are all from North America, which shows in the quality. Their quality and toughness will allow you to depend on them!
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  • Anvil: Anvil trailers are famous for their durability. When it comes to trailers that can haul, a call for an Anvil is always worth it. Available nationwide, these trailers are top-notch and will serve any potential buyer for years to come.

Enclosed Cargo Trailer Repair

If you currently have a trailer that needs repair in Bowling Green, Kentucky, we’re happy to help out. Here at Four Winds Trailers, we specialize in repairing and maintaining any trailers like; enclosed trailers, dump trailers, utility trailers, and so much more. When it comes to repairing a trailer, we have professional and experienced technicians so that you can have ease of mind about the repair.

Enclosed Cargo Trailers In Stock

We have cargo trailers in stock with multiple sizes for all your storage, moving, contracting,  recreation, and business needs. Here are some cargo trailer sizes that we have in our inventory.

  •  5×8 enclosed trailer with a weight capacity of 2,215 lbs and floor space of 200 cubic feet.
  • 6×10 enclosed trailer with a weight capacity of 2,990 lbs and floor space of 365 cubic feet.
  • 6×12 V nose enclosed trailer weight capacity of 2,500 and a floor space of 400 cubic feet.
  • 7×12 enclosed trailer weight capacity of 7,000 lbs 
  • 7×14 enclosed trailer weight capacity of 7,000 lbs
  • 8×16 enclosed trailer weight capacity of 7,200 lbs

Quality trailers in Kentucky 

Four Winds Trailers is a highly regarded trailer dealer in Kentucky. We not only provide you with the option of selecting from a variety of trailer sizes and types.

We also have a trailer maintenance and repair service. Our technicians are highly skilled and will provide you with the satisfaction you deserve. For more information contact us.