Comparing 7 Different Types Of Trailers

different types of trailers upgraded gooseneck

Safety and durability are two must-haves on the road. Whether you are helping a friend move or hauling materials for your business, it’s important to know that you have the right tools for the job. You may not have been aware, but there are several different types of trailers that can help you accomplish what you need to. So how do you know which one is right? It honestly all comes down to one main question:

  • What are you transporting?

Obviously, a trailer that is perfect for moving appliances is not exactly perfect for moving your car. You may want the security of an enclosed trailer, but what happens when your haul gets to be a bit bigger than your trailer’s walls can hold? After that main question, you can break down your trailer purchase by answering the side questions we will talk about in this post.

Basically, once you know what exactly needs to be moved and what may need moving in the future, you can step into the preferences, features, and prices of all the different types of trailers!

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We know that you have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to transporting items from one place to another. Hopefully, this article will help you understand a bit more about the different types of trailers and allow you to choose the best one!

Different Types Of Trailers: The List

Option 1: Enclosed Trailers

different types of trailers enclosed trailer

Surprisingly enough, the enclosed trailer…is closed on all sides. That makes the main selling point of the enclosed trailer, safety. The safety of your haul comes from the containment. Your appliances, workout equipment, tools, furniture, or anything in between will not fall out onto the open road. All other trailers are going to have an opening to the outside. 

Available in different sizes, the enclosed trailer is perfect for small-medium equipment. You also have the option for add-ons and features. Small enclosed trailers are the popular choice for traveling substantial distances. The enclosed cabin + the add-ons (safety + features) make it more ideal than the other different types of trailers. This trailer could be perfect for hauling something like your dirt bike to your favorite riding spot!


  1. Safety and Security of Belongings
  2. Heavy Duty Door (option of adding more doors)
  3. Rear Ramp Door
  4. LED Light Add-On
  5. Variety of Color options
  6. V-Nose Option For Less Wind Resistance On Long Trips
  7. Hauling Weight
enclosed trailer different types of trailers


  1. Limited Space (you can never haul anything bigger than your walls)
  2. Price (safe design + hauling weight = $)
  3. Limited View With Trailer Blocking LOS


The price for these trailers depends on the size and number of axles. Generally speaking, it will be:

  • $3,000-$5,000 For A Small Enclosed Trailer (6×12)
  • $6,000-$8,000 For A Medium Enclosed Trailer (7×16)
  • $8,500+ For A Large Enclosed Trailer (8×32)

Option 2: Utility Trailers

different types of trailers utility trailer

Flatbed Utility trailers are the most common of the different types of trailers. You have probably seen this trailer around your local town or city. They are small enough to move about without much frustration but can be big enough for large quantities of materials. With the ability to haul personal belongings and large equipment, this trailer could be the most versatile out of the different types of trailers. There are two main types of utility trailers that we want to feature.

  1. Tube Utility Trailers
  2. Angle Utility Trailers

The key difference between these two different types of trailers is in the specific way they were constructed to hold weight. Angle utility trailers are perfect for hauls of 2,000 lbs or less. If that is no sweat to you, then take that option because it is also less expensive. Tube Utility Trailers can get you to that 7,000 lb mark, but they are double the price of the standard utility trailer. For some extra help when purchasing, check out this buying guide!


  1. Gate Size & Options (gate assist)
  2. Can Be Hauled By Some Cars
  3. Spare & Mount Option
  4. Treated Wooden Floor With Metal Floor Upgrade
  5. Price (depending on size and style)
  6. Less Heavy= Better MPG
  7. Haul Odd-Shaped Materials With Open Design


  1. Safety & Security of Belongings (you are responsible for securing)
  2. Subject to Nature (if it rains…your stuff will be getting wet)
  3. Less Durable Than Other Trailers


Again, the price will be dependent on the size and the load capacity that you choose. Typically it will be:

  • $1,400-$1,900 For A Small Angle Utility Trailer
  • $1,900-$2,500 For A Medium Angle Utility Trailer
  • $2,500-$3,100 For A Small Tube Utility Trailer
  • $3,100-$4,100 For A Medium-Large Tube Utility Trailer

Option 3: Car Haulers

different types of trailers car hauler

Car hauler trailers do exactly what you would think they would do…haul cars. Not the most creative of names. But what they lack in naming artistry, they more than makeup for in getting the job done! The ability to not be beholden to towing companies is very freeing. 

I don’t know about you, but we have been stuck on the side of the road for a time or two in our lives. With the Car Hauler, you have the ability to move your car on your own time. Do you have a bigger vehicle with the torque needed to tow? Take your car across the country with #3 on our list of different types of trailers. The most popular type of car hauler we offer comes from Lawrimore.


  1. Lighting (box or LED)
  2. Brakes On Both Axles (Able To Be Upgraded to Electric)
  3. Different Jack Options
  4. Option For Transportation Of Multiple Cars
  5. 7,000 LB Haul Capacity
  6. Never Depend On Towing Companies
different types of trailers upgraded car hauler


  1. Vehicle Open To All Elements Outside
  2. Do You Transport Your Vehicle Enough To Make It Worthwhile
  3. More Expensive Than A Tow Dolly


Just like with the last 2 different types of trailers, the price point depends on the size.

  • $3,500-$4,200 For A Standard Single Car Hauler
  • $4,200-$5,000 For An Upgraded Single Car Hauler (Features and Size)
  • $8,000+ For A Double Car Hauler

Option 4: Equipment Trailers

different types of trailers equipment trailer

Equipment or “Heavy Equipment” Trailers are the main option of the different types of trailers to haul the biggest/heaviest of what you have. Known also by Loader Toters, one of the most durable of the different types of heavy equipment trailers, it can support weights twice that of some of the others. With the space to haul multiple pieces of equipment at the same time, this trailer is favored by businesses. Whether you are transporting farm equipment, construction materials, or products for your business, this trailer will get it done.


  1. Weight Capacity (14,000+ lbs)
  2. Heavy Duty/Solid
  3. Fold Up Ramps/Spring Ramps
  4. Treated Wooden Floor With Metal Floor Upgrade
  5. Light Options (LED, etc…)
  6. Optional Electric Brakes Upgrade
  7. Toolbox Included In Most


  1. Do You Transport That Heavy Of Materials Enough To Make It Worthwhile
  2. Price
  3. Size Can Be Tough To Maneuver


The interesting thing about the price of Heavy Equipment Trailers is that they don’t fluctuate like the other trailers. What we mean is the range in prices is less…but the prices are firm and start higher than the different types of trailers.

  • $5,200-$6,200 For A Regular Sized Equipment Trailer (81×18)
  • $6,200-$7,000 For A Large Sized Equipment Trailer (83×20)
  • $7,000-$7,800 For An Ultra Sized Equipment Trailer (83×24)

Option 5: Tow Dollies

different types of trailers tow dolly

A Car Tow Dolly is the perfect budget-friendly option for towing your car. Its design allows for one car to be pulled behind your vehicle while also taking up limited space. The car’s front wheels are suspended on the dolly while the back wheels roll harmlessly behind. This makes it cheaper than most of the different types of trailers, while also being just as user-friendly as a car hauler, if not more so. 


  1. Works With A Majority Of Front-Wheel-Drive Cars
  2. No Additional Drilling Or Unnecessary Attachments
  3. Custom Paint For A Long-Lasting Look
  4. Safety Chains For A Secure Hold
  5. Optional Tire And Light Add-Ons
  6. Size


  1. Does Not Work With Rear Wheel Drive
  2. Less Durable Than A Trailer
  3. Size Of The Car Could Impact Usability


Prices for the Tow Dolly are based mainly on style and add-ons since there are fewer sizes than the other different types of trailers.

  • $1,100-$1,600 For A Traditional Base Line Tow Dolly
  • $1,600-$2,000 For An Upgraded Tow Dolly
  • $2,000+ For Additional Upgrades And Add-Ons

Option 6: Gooseneck Trailer

different types of trailers gooseneck trailer

The Gooseneck flatbed trailer stands out from the different types of trailers because it sits in the bed of a truck. Its design allows it to clear the rear door to the bed and attach comfortably to your pick-up. This trailer, because of that design, allows for a heavier load to be placed on it than that of a utility trailer. This would be the other main option used (besides the heavy equipment trailer) for hauling the biggest loads that you have. 


  1. Heavy Duty Trailer For Big Hauls
  2. Stability (Because It’s Attached To Your Truck
  3. Dovetail For Easy Loading And Unloading
  4. Included Toolbox
  5. Variety Of Tire, LED Trailer Lights, And Appearance Options
  6. 7,000+ LB Capacity (Reaching Above 20,000 In Some Cases)
different types of trailers upgraded gooseneck


  1. More Expensive Than Equipment Trailers With Same Haul Capacity
  2. Need A Pick-Up Truck
  3. Size


Gooseneck Trailers vary heavily in price, more so than the other different types of trailers. This is because people like to customize this one the most. This option from Four Winds is on the less expensive side when you look at the industry standard. Whereas you will be paying close to $4,000 more from companies like BigTex. For that reason, we will look at price by weight. 

  • $7,500-$8,500 For 7,000 LBS-8,000 LBS
  • $8,500-$10,000 For 8,000 LBS-9,500 LBS
  • $10,000-$12,000 For 9,500 LBS-10,500 LBS
  • $12,000+ For Higher Load Capacities

Option 7: Dump Trailers

different types of trailers dump trailer

Hydraulic Dump Trailers are famed for their ability to unload your haul with a hydraulic lift. The front of the trailer lifts off the ground, causing all of what you are dumping to fall out the backside slowly. Dump Trailers offer a lot of weight capacity, giving you the ability to get rid of your haul in large quantities. The main question here is, how much will you need to dump in order to make this purchase worth it?


  1. Weight Capacity (14,000 LBS+)
  2. Brakes (Upgrade From Most Trailers)
  3. Lifting Mechanism (Hydraulic)
  4. Metal Bed Frames
  5. Different Models Available
  6. Upgradable Light, Wheel, And Body Options
  7. Hauls Skids Well


  1. Very Specific Usage
  2. Higher Price Than Most Other Trailers
  3. Hydraulic System Requires A Lot Of Care/Attention


  • $9,000-$11,000 For A Smaller 8 Foot Dump Trailer
  • $11,000-$12,500 For A Standard 14 Foot Dump Trailer
  • $12,500+ For All Trailers Above 14 Feet Up To 30 ft


Trailers can also incorporate multiple styles into one! Check out this Dump Trailer that is also a Gooseneck.

different types of trailers dump gooseneck combo


Choosing between all of these different types of trailers can be confusing if you don’t know what to look for. It is imperative to make sure that you ask yourself the questions around the topics we talked about above before spending your money.

  1. What are you transporting?
  2. How often will you be transporting it?
  3. What is most important to you when it comes to transportation? (price, safety, speed, durability, etc…)
  4. Do you have the space to store and the know-how to maneuver?

If you have good answers to those questions, you are ready to buy a trailer. If you are looking for more information like this, Home Stratosphere tackled some other trailers. If you need a place to begin…this inventory list is a great place to sort through the different types of trailers. We have rent-to-own trailer options as well! We wish you success in your future purchase and happy hauling!